Wheres loud mouth nickie lewis?????????????????????????

"i'm mr. t.o. pf the cfl???????????"
lol iwould be embarassed to have a guy like him on my team.

The way he was mouthing off reminded me of Pee Wee Smith (another mouthy ex-Stampeder).

Except Lewis actually has some talent.

He's probably kicking himself in the as* in the corner of the stamps dressing room.

lol no doubt......more mouth than heart that is for sure...

I agree, other than being a die hard Esks fan, the biggest reason I wanted Calgary to lose was to shut that guy up. He is a very good receiver but I don't care how much talent you have, antics like his are simply a lack of class and respect. I'm surprised Higgins puts up with it!

Yup. The classier Stampeder players actually give some credit to the other team.

Guys like Allen Pitts never mouthed off like that, and that's why he is a legend and Nik Lewis is reknowned as a yappy moron who opens his mouth to switch feet.

yes, he will learn his lesson. If you are going to be the best you should show it more then just one game. It would be crazy to say you would not wnat this guy on a team. But then again jealousy shows up. People hate him because he is very good. Young and mouthy yes but very good.