Where's everyone sitting?

We are getting our tickets for the game Sunday and were wondering where everyone else will be sitting? Would prefer to sit with fans of the good team for obvious reasons.

Anywhere on the Ticats bench side! there have been a lot of tickets sold since the Cats won yesterday, better hurry the deal ends tonight, I'll put it this way, prior to yesterday there were tons of seats behind the visitors bench, now take a look !

Visit the link below and use the promo code provided.


Promo Code: TCEAST2013
Act Now and take advantage of a further discounted price by purchasing before Monday at 11:59 p.m.


134a there are not many seats left. anywhere from 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134a, 134b, 134c,134d

I was hoping for a thread like this in hopes of sitting with the roudiest of the Ticat fans but, seeing tickets dissappearing, I just made an assumption and pulled the trigger on a seat at the top of 134a. Glad to see the two other replies are in the same section. Can't wait.

We will be there with atleast 6 guys, in 134B

15 seats in 134B

130 right on the end near the concourse (I have a four year old girl I will be needing to ply with nachos to keep her happy… :lol: )

2 Seats section 132 near the top of the section. I looked this morning and then checked again this aft, it really filled up fast.
I used the TCEAST2013 code.
Thanks TC23 for the code.

If you want tickets, you better hurry. I’m looking at the seating chart for the Roger’s Centre and everytime it updates, there are fewer blue dots indicating empty seats. At the rate it’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the entire lower bowl sold out by the end of tomorrow.

134b row 27,, ill be wearing my #10 sweater

I will be in 134A, row 10. It is pretty much single seats only on the whole Ticat side now, at least in the 100 level. There are still rows of seats available on the Blew team's side, so grab those tickets and let's make this another home game!

Well - I should have a good view of most of you. I'll even take some pictures. lol

I'm sitting with some Argos season ticket holders in Section 222 in the VIP section in the endzone. I'm in the last row and the seat is actually a swivelling bar stool. They even have waitresses to bring you whatever food you order and more importantly the beer. Added bonus - the washroom is only 10-15 feet from where I'll be sitting. So as much as part of me wishes I was sitting with you all on the west side of the stadium I'll hopefully be doing lots of cheering among shell-shocked Argos fans. :slight_smile:

134d - still good choice of tickets in this section.

Yeah....I've sat there once, I think I got some free tickets from air miles. That was one time too many. Until the half there's always security watching the section for fans attempting to upgrade their seats.

I'll be in 134b with a buddy.


Endzone opposite the jumbotron 11 of us loud n proud

sec 128 row 18

had perfect seats lined up around 40 yard line but issue with credit card. by time I got off phone fixing the issue and came back to computer to get seats (2 hours maybe). there was nothing left for 4 seats except at the corners..

its all good cuz THIS WILL BE A CANT MISS PARTY!!

good job Cats fans!!!

edit: it really is a horrible place to watch a football game.

129 at the very top of the section in row 37. Will be getting there late 'cause I'm speaking in the morning again. This time in Kitchener though, not Blyth.

Unable to attend the Final (still thawing out from the cold, wet thriller in Guelph anyway)

A "Best Wishes" shoutout to all my fan friends (both teams) at Joe Badali's

Go Cats Go! I