Where's David Ball?

Is this guy still hurt, if not, he should be playing. He's a tough receiver with great hands. I think his size and great route running would be a huge plus for our offence. We need some sure hands on the O. :cowboy:

He's on the 9-game Injured List until November 14th, which means he's available for the playoffs. If the club wanted to play him before that, they could, but all of his salary for the 9-week injured period would then count in the salary cap calculations. If he wasn't an import, I'm sure he would have played plenty. And, among the import receivers they've chosen speed over hands. So, we may never ever see him play.

If the team has choosen Speed over hands - where does Chris Bauman fit this equation???

Good observation Armchair and here I thought you fell off your rocker. :slight_smile: Bauman is a Canadian, if not, he wouldn't be playing. As I remember, Darren Flutie didn't have speed as a asset but was one of the best clutch receviers ever. David Ball reminds me of Flutie, except a little bigger. :cowboy:

Buckweat, I realize Bauman is a Canadian. If the philosphy is to start Speed over Hands - Bauman should be carrying the gatoraide bottles between plays. Certainly Corey Grant or the offical Walmart greeter could provide more of a threat. If Obie keeps this guy - there is something seriously wrong with the team.

8) Speed doesn't mean a darn thing if you can't catch the ball !!
 As you mentioned, Flutie didn't have great speed, but he was still one of the best.

 Quickness, and how well disiplined you run your patterns, is what makes for a great receiver, along of 

  course with a good reliable pair of hands.

  Another prime example ... Ben Cahoon, no great speed, but he runs quick, crisp routes, and can

  catch the ball in a crowd, and is not afraid to take a hit.  

  Mr. Reliable, at his best !!

I spoke to David before the Winnipeg game. He said he hoped to get in the line-up soon. He would definitely be an asset to our receiving corps. (I wonder which import receiver would sit for him though?)