Where's Cavil

Why do we bring in a decent receiver in Cavil and all he does is not play is he hurt or what? or do we like to pay for no play??????

A mystery to me as well. Cavil was a 1,000 yard receiver in Montreal, and adds a certain amount of flair and attitude that I think the Cats could use just now.

What in the world is Peterson doing out there ahead of him? Peterson's never come close to being a 1,000 receiver.....

If you make a trade to get a guy and then don't use him, what was the point of making the trade in the first place (sort of like Winnipeg trading to get Spergeon Wynn and then never letting him on the field).

Same thing with Safety Gordon. :? :?

Cavil is much better than Kamau Peterson if you ask me. I was wondering the same thing "Wheres Cavil?".

Peterson is a non-import.
To replace him with Cavil changes our ratio.

replace someone with cavil....cavil is a 1000 yard reciever AND has history with maas in edmonton.

is hes not going to be used, why wouldnt we trade him to a team that needs better receivers.. i.e winnepeg or sask.. and get a good db..

Winnipeg doesnt need better receivers we are fine.