Where's Cahlil Hill?

Just checking out the depth chart and I see that Hill is not playing tomorrow. I figured he'd be ready to go this week. We saw what he could do last season...we sure could use a little bit of that, right about now. :cowboy:

just a tip, his name starts with a K.

He is exactly what the Cats need,that is to say, a big, fast game breaker that can go up and fight for the ball.This type of receiver makes it easier for the possession sort of receivers like Peterson,Vaughn,Flick etc

He's also still on the IR right now ...

(check out today's transactions page)

I'm totally guessing here but perhaps we're saving him for now and using this game to do some real assessments on some players that need to be assessed.....again, just a total guess....and besides, it seems to me like it's a good game to do this without the pressure of the home crowd....

whatever works to get us better in 2007 is good with me....I'm not worried about winning even one more game this year as long as there is improvement and a definate plan of attack going forward into the future...

....and the beer stays cold of course... :stuck_out_tongue:

doesn't sound like a good way to keep a soon to be Free Agent happy mikey.... not playing him?

the guy has got to be hurt. (probably the reason he didn't make the jags)

They wouldn't have faked the IR duty for labour day either mikey. (well i'd hope not) we could have used him)

well either that or he just hasn't picked up the simplified playbook yet...

yeah.... for a second i thought this thread was about leo cahill.

ya know, i was gonna make a cahill joke, but decided against it.

thanks for pickin up the slack on that... i must be slippin. lol

I cant figure out why we would bring in a player who was injured ?? We added a defensive player and he is gonna play . Rannek is not gonna play and Davis is injured why did we not bring in at least a reciever to play today ?? It`s our offence who is having all the trouble not the defence .

Davon Fowkes is backing up as a receiver habman
Maybe he will go in on 5 or 6 receiver sets

He will definitely be doing punt and kick returns.

It's the first regular season game
for Davon who has been here all year.

Newcomer David Dixon MLB is backing up Auggie.


Khalil may have stubbed his toe when he first set foot at IWS, habman. :oops:

We need some new blood at reciever someone who doesnt feel so comfotable on this team and someone that realizes that he has to fight for his spot on this roster .

The coach thinks we should play a lot of backup players so we can lose really big. We dont need any of those NFL cuts,

pulled his hamstring in the first practice back with the team.

check the spec from today.