Wheres Boreham Girl??

every since the sites changed it feels weird reading posts being made by differnt names, doesnt have that same homestye taste to it! i dont see people like mikey or boreham girl or any of the originals posting as much as they use to? ahve you all changed ur sign in names? or are you guys just not impressed withi this site?

I heard that, in a cooler-fueled fog, BHG accidentally clicked on the Argos section of this new site and hasn't been heard from since.

borehamgirl and mikey are still here.. even under (mostly) the same names. Borehamgirl is still Borehamgirl and Mikey03 is now just Mikey. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the concern Blitz, I'm still here, just don't really have anything to say (bring on the jokes). Et tu sec8?I thought we were friends. Fooled again. I must be the worst judge of character on the planet.

Ouch - should I have used an emoticon? Maybe :wink: or the love child of :stuck_out_tongue: and :lol:

I would have used one too but I'm perfectly able to communicate without them. Or so I've been told.

Then again, it could have been the Argos reference - I guess some things you shouldn't even joke about.

In any case Blitz, I found her for you - feel more at home now?

:D ,I'm so glad you're still here!!
i dont see people like mikey
Due to an additional family obligation recently, (a great 13 year old), I've had to turn my attention to him and, with the business too, I just don't have the hours in the day.....but I do enjoy reading "Free Agent's" daily camp updates as I can't attend camp much......however, due to the power outages in Caledonia and school being closed today, he rode with me all day and we were near McMaster in between jobs ...... he wanted to see what a Ticats training camp was like so we popped in. He got to meet Ron Lancaster and they ended up talking about school after he found out Ron was a school teacher in the past. Ron is great with kids this age and really takes an interest in their views. A while later he asked if that was really Ron Lancaster, the Hall of Famer!.....not bad for a 13 yr. old kid eh?.....We also met Vinny who already knew him and BlackOliver and OnKnight....

A while later we drifted over to watch the kickers kicking off sideways across the end zone....well, he ended up chasing Boreham's kicks when the balls were ending up in the parking lot around all those expensive vehicles.....yikes!....lol....they moved to a bigger area in an adjacent field before the lawsuits started..... :smiley:

Boreham came over and wanted to meet this kid who was with me and we had a good chat.....Boreham, like Ron is great with kids as I suspect most of our Ticats are...

Didn't stay too long so I didn't see any punting but Fleming, although a weaker leg, did seem to kick-off ok at times and will be a good back-up for kick-offs.....and Boreham and Fleming seem to really get along well which is great!

Had to leave though, before punting, to go to my next customer, so I'll wait for the FA's Day 4 Camp report to fill us in on how they did in that phase....

(ps.....besides all this, I've read a few good battles in the forums already so you guys are doing well scrapping with each other with-out me.....hahaha).....nice to be just a spectator now.. :lol:



I'm still here after 3 years but I try to fly under the radar (and then drop a bomb).

BG - Hang in there lady. Don't let that mean old Wilf get you down about emoticon use. He and I are going to have a showdown with dictionaries at 50 paces sometime in the near future. (He wanted to do it with grammaries but he would beat me clean with them.)

Borehamgirl, and now ... fleming-girl??

OK, someone's gotta say it:


I think that,maybe, borehamgirl is just a little cowed by the new surroundings. As said earlier, we feel like we're communicating with strangers, what with new posters, old posters with new names, etc.
A little time will make us all feel a bit more comfortable in the new surroundings. BHG will resurrect herself as strongly as ever.

Mark,if you and I were to battle with dictionaries, at whatever distance, you would be a witness to the quickest and most conclusive capitulation in the history of modern warfare. I surrender before even toeing the starting line.

now i feel at home! haha good old posters chit chatin again :slight_smile:

c'mon wilf, you can still throw a dictionary with the best of them....

i think i missed the point of the challenge..... lol

I'm gonna change my name to CurrentPat and then maybe we can have it out too. :wink:

BTW, none of the following is directed at you Ex-pat, or anyone in particular for that matter.

Fleming-girl a girl? I'm convinced that this person is 100% male so there is no hope for a cat fight here.

To base your forum name solely on making fun of another member is pretty lame. Sometimes I think the thought of a female Ti-Cat fan (Borehamgirl) makes some of you guys a littly loopy and you instantly fall in love with her and pay extra attention to everything she writes. Or, you instantly believe that because she's a women, she knows nothing about football and respond to her comments with some sort of reference to table dancing.

Where is Borehamgirl? Probably hiding or at least shying away from the crap she puts up with around here.

Fleming-girl.....pfff. Get a life.

...or maybe it's because BHG is a genuinely nice person, has a great sense of humour and, most importantly, gives as well as she gets in the good-natured barb department.

Or maybe a few more emoticons would have cleared up the misunderstanding:

:D :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

A bit harsh, no, AMG?

Thanks AMG. You are truly the best.

Sec8 that was very nice as well.

how do i get a kewl avatar like u guys?

borehamgirl, will u marry me?

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be harsh, just honest.

I agree she’s a nice person, but I think most of it she just tries to take in stride and doesn’t make a stink about it. She can answer for herself, but it just gets annoying when 5 people immediately respond to her messages with garbage and sabbotage the thread’s topic. Garbage like “Will you marry me?” although that was quite funny given the circumstances of this thread.

I think it’s fine to joke around especially with people you like, but can we get through one topic with a BHG post that doesn’t have a response that send’s the topic into left-field?

I think the “Fleming-girl” thing just crosses the line. We all know why someone has picked that name and to me it’s just childish and unfair to BHG. Just my opinion, like it or not.

if that crosses a line then someone is drawing way too many lines.