Where's all the Ticat Fan Coverage from G.C. on Ticats.ca?

I thought there would be a little more support and pictures of all the die hards who wore our colours and did our small part in marketing the Ticats. Seems like the suits have taken over the Ticats.

With a crappy product on the field, it would have been nice to see a little more coverage of the fans partying and supporting our colours despite having to make up excuses to all the quasi Argos fans dressed in their neutral clothes afraid to take a public stance for a team.

I had a great time all week. The Grey Cup Committee did a great job and the die hards showed the suits what Grey Cup is all about.

Lets not get too corporate here and forget where we are all from!

Oskee Wee Wee! :cowboy:

Here is a good story...the Chant had a great presence at this years Cup....we got more press than Bob Young and the Cats for the 2nd straight year:

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20071124.ARGOS24/TPStory/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... 4/TPStory/[/url]

All you need to know...

Teenage Head were freaking amazing at the Convention Center Saturday night.

And they were showered with Forbidden Buttons. The visuals are amazing, and they will certainly surface in time.

I've been to a lot Cups over the years (13 so far), and the Head show was something that will likely never be repeated. It was simply amazing.

Kudos to the Ticat front office for this Grey Cup. The Forbidden Website was elated that so many of you slogged through the stormy weather and came out to support Release the Curse Night. Your graciousness was exceeded only by the good times that were had by all.

But the Ticat organization really knocked it out of the park with this Teenage Head concert. What a great night.

I thought it couldn't get any better than when bassist Steve Marshall pinned on not one, but two forbidden buttons. Even better though was when the crowd signalled its desire for an encore by chanting the Forbidden Chant over and over. And then, The Head re-took the stage and ripped into Blitzkrieg Bop and Anarchy in the UK. The Forbidden Website's Minister of Foreign Relations, hailing from darkest Manchester, was particularly pleased.

Great article in the Globe! I had a feeling that would be a good party with real grass roots supporters and a lot less corporate feel. Its the unsanctioned natural events that occur that make Grey Cup great! Sorry I missed it. I'll be there in Montreal to support the forbidden. Unfortunately I just caught the end of Teenage Head and they were outstanding, not sure about 2500 people though.