Where's a good sports bar downtown.

Hey guys, I'll be in to Vancouver from Hamilton next weekend for the WPFG.

I'll be at the Lions / Roughriders' game Friday night, and just wondering where's a good place to catch the Ti-Cats game on TV on Saturday afternoon (3:30) . I'm staying donwtown.

I highly suggest AGAINST Sharks Club.
Malones is pretty good. G Sports on Granville is really good too, also check out Dix Brew Pub and the Kingston Tap and Grill.
Enjoy your visit!

Great. Thanks!

Curious. What's wrong with Shark's club?

A number of things. The first and biggest piss off is they will hold tables for people on game night and the people never show. It can be shoulder to shoulder in there but they will not allow people to take tables reserved by the manager's friends. The service is usually pretty slow and many of their locations have become popular gang hangouts.

Thanks again grims!

Well since your from Hamilton i suggest any of the Bars on Davie st , maybe someone will buy you a beer. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh I see what you did there. :lol: