Wherefor come the fans?

It would be interesting to me to find out what percentage of fans at games comefrom the West End and across Burrard Inlet.

Stadium issue aside, would more fans come from the valley and the interior if the games were played southeast of Fraser River. Maybe even a few more from Washington

Personally I've never heard a true football fan complain about the location of that stadium.

In fact I've never heard a true football fan anywhere ever make the decision to attend or not attend games regularly based on where the stadium is in their city.

Winnipeg moved from a very good location to a pain in the butt one that does affect attendance.

New stadium, old location and they had a winner but they just couldn't help themselves from buggering up a good thing.

joe...are you saying attendance in Winnipeg is less now?

that is my point. I think present location of BC place is a pain in the butt for those on the other side of the river, specially outside metro Van.

No doubt some hate to venture into the downtown area of one of the worlds great cities, to go into a venue that has been upgraded by $.5 B that is bound on 3 sides by harbour.

While others celebrate it and the location.

I cannot imagine many who suggests that the LIONS sagging attendance has much to do with location or venue.

Fault can be found wherever a stadium is located imo. Especially the older we get.

Trust me on this...when you talk about those from the interior. Probably the current stadium and the location is a huge draw when they decide to attend a game.

just living in North Delta, I find myself not liking the trip downtown. It is either car trip through traffic and then find a parking space, or park on this side of the river and take a 45+ minute crowded skytrain ride, then a very crowded walk for about 3 blocks. Not my cup of tea. It has nothing to do with the quality of the city. I grew up living sometime in the west end and spending a lot more time on the downtown streets. While it has changed, it is still home in my heart. My wife and her friend do it though.

It's a mind set FYB. If getting to and from the game is going to be a source of frustration then it surely will be. Battling the crowds is always going to be a challenge. But if a person wants to see a game at the stadium then he tries to do everything possible to minimize the frustration: come earlier, make an evening of it by having a meal at one of the many restaurants, have a few drinks after the game. Do a little sight seeing like taking a walk through China town or elsewhere.

My wife and I like to get to the game early, like when the place opens. We always find something to do to fill in the time before the game. It sure beats standing in those long lines waiting to be patted down before being allowed in.

Getting out is a different story because on a good night, 20 000 are all making for the exits. We take the car. I used to get so frustrated because of the traffic tie ups but after maybe 1/2 an hour the traffic has thinned out quite a bit so we just sit in the car and listen to the post-game analysis. Now, I know why some people leave a few minutes before the game is over if the game is already decided. We are starting to do the same thing ;D and it does make a huge difference to my stress level. We've also been one of the last ones out of the stadium to avoid the crowds exiting.

You could have the stadium in White Rock and no doubt we would face the same problems.

I am saying attendance is negatively affected by the location. Poor access to and from.

They do a good job with the park and ride but a little construction and it turns into a gridlock worth avoiding.