Where'd the thread go?

As much as I loathe the CBC, there was nothing on that thread that warranted its deletion, was there? Aside from the sheer horror of the idea the thread presented, of course.

Or, hope of hopes, it was all some horrible nightmare I had and there are no plans, real or imagined, to welcome that rotting corpse of a network back into the CFL fold.

Anyway, let me know, so I know whether to go into the SANE or INSANE line at the next drive thru.

Nope, I saw it too. It was started by a guy with the name of “CFLInsider”. He started three different threads. I even posted to one of them. Now they’re all gone, which makes me think he was full of BS. He even said something about the CFL being very popular in Texas, which kind of confirms my BS theory.

As for sane vs. insane, well, if you were thinking of going to the drive through at all, I’m stamping your forehead with the INSANE label. Every time I go to a Timmies with a drive through, I walk in anyway, and walk out with my orders sooner than the people who got there before me and went through the drive-through.

I always love the mystery of a drive thru…what I get vs. what I order.

Regrettably, while my CFL broadcast hopes have been raised, my line choice is no clearer

Artie, PiCat and all,

He even said something about the CFL being very popular in Texas, which kind of confirms my BS theory.
I have no idea, though in my opinion the San Antonio market is ripe for the picking in football-crazy Texas. The problem is just don't conflict with high school football Friday nights, college football on Saturdays, and of course the NFL. :?


From what I have read, it seems to me that in Canada media ownership is more intertwined directly with ownership or influence by the federal government than in the US where it is more of a game of appearances of free media with heavy indirect government influence (far more influence on what NOT to report as opposed to not what TO report), so it could be that there was in fact some unidentified conflict of interest between the CFL, the CBC, and/or the Canadian government that led to its deletion by the CFL? :?

Hey this is a CFL forum it's their call in any case if any of this is the case. The NFL plays some of the same games with the more controversial happenings and undermining though substantiated criticism down here. :roll:

/Conspiracy Theoried :smiley:

Note that I am tremendously more impressed however by the content and management of this fine forum by the CFL as opposed to that of the NFL down here, where all you get are a bunch of mostly homers going back and forth with tweets instead of offering constructive commentary on the game and happenings. If you have seen the US show SportsNation on ESPN, that audience is the dominant one and a fine example of what I mean. :roll:

I'd like to say the NFL could take notes from the CFL on this count for sake of a far better forum, and I am sure it could, but the problem moreover is the less informed fan base overall down here it seems. :frowning:

Don't get me wrong many folks spend a whole lot of time like me to make themselves more heavily informed on football, but so many more contributing are so heavily uninformed that the informed are drowned out on many public fora. :thdn:

Score big for the CFL on this count as well. :cowboy:

We had a CFL team in San Antonio for a year. They were actually pretty good 12-6 or so. The locals stayed away in droves. The average attendance was around 15K.

...the thread was created by a long-banned poster who is not allowed on the site, we're under standing orders from site admins to terminate on sight anything posted by this person...nothing to see here folks, move along :cowboy:

Ahh, our old friend McMahon. . .my demented sense of humour actually misses the guy. . .

He must have been before my time...I don't think I remember him.

What'd he do?

You're one of the few, MadJack...

Oh I'm sure of that Chief; but frankly I'd rather have to put up with his nonsense as opposed to the constant negative whining of such as housedog, sanjay, berezin, cobra, or zontar on the hamilton boards with his obsessive compulsive disorder regarding one "mikey" (about which the Hamilton mods seem strangely reluctant to do anything, but that's another topic).

Artie, McMahon was a frequent poster who pretended to be a CFL insider (read: know-it-all) with access to all kinds of inside information, was constantly posting "rumours" of upcoming trades, signings, the like. . . none of which of course ever came to pass.

Wow good job -- he probably had it coming.

Artie okay, thanks for the explanation on San Antonio. Maybe not then for any pro football there though I read that they in fact were going to keep the team there until all the other CFL teams in the US pulled out to leave them standing alone.

"Alright ...move on ...please disperse ...nothing to see here ..." :lol:


You are correct - SA's owner was prepared to carry on, but not as the sole US team. Once Baltimore got the Ravens, and the Stallions moved to Montreal, he pulled the pin.

Is Cobra still around? I assumed he went into hibernation for the off-season. :smiley:

Yes, he showed up the other day. . . I forget which team/player he was ragging on this time.

All depends on what personality he was that day...

cobra showed up on the stamps forum, talkin trash about smilin Hank... cant do that in Cowtown... he has a key to the city... and it's heart

Just the other month I was asking about McMahon. I still don't know why he was banned.... his ravings were generally amusing. They must have gone over the edge at some point. I'm with ya MadJack.

(Repeated from below pursuant to comment by RedAndWhite)

"Alright ...move on ...please disperse ...nothing to see here ..."