Where'd the stats go?

I wanted to check out Ken-Yon Rambo's career stats, so under Players I clicked Rosters and then under the Calgary icon I clicked Roster and it took me to the Stampeders' website. What's up with that? Why doesn't the CFL have the stats anymore? Calgary's website is crap. It barely gives you anything. Winnipeg's is a bit better, but not by much. All the stats are jumbled in a large paragraph. I don't want the paragraph. I just want the stats! :x

Just checked all of the sites, and B.C., Toronto, and Montreal are the only sites with good stats. And those also happen to be the sites that were just updated.

So what gives? Is the CFL going to update its own stats pages? Or are all of the sites going to be updated? :expressionless:

I think it just has to do with the upgrades they are doing with the site. It wasn't like that before. Once they have it up and running I am guessing it will be fine.


I think the best way to see a player's career CFL stats is to mouse over the PLAYERS menu -- then click on the PLAYERS submenu -- then choose the player name alphabetically. You'll see his career stats with his profile.


Here's hoping. I like having stats. I feel so lost without them. :lol:

Is the CFL purposely trying to make the site less user-friendly?

Im sure there doing the best they can. They probably should have started a month earlier though.

Agreed. Kind of bad timing...