Where'd All Those Players From NFL Europe Go?

Just wondering where all the players from NFL Europe went, and if any CFL teams have signed any of them?

You'd figure there'd be at least a few who could play in the cFL. And with the QB problem some teams are facing, why wouldn't a team like the ARgos or Als be looking?

CAn't beleive all the players in that league went on to the NFL. OR were these players just not good enough to play in the CFL?

But its a mystery how 250 football players have just disappeared into thin air.

Some came to the CFL and mostly the AFL. With the import restrictions though, there is only so many spots in the CFL. NFL Europe players were usually below American CFL players. Top CFL players were always paid more. Just like the best players in the world play in the NFL.

As far as QB's, there was only like what 6 teams? So ya, 6 more crappy quarterbacks. Teams are better off looking at younger NFL cuts or drafts. CFL game is just too big of an adjustment for the many robotic minded QB's out there. You really pointed out a problem here.

250 players really is nothing when you think about the thousands of eligible players available for draft every year, nevermind the many non-playing pro's out there. There is so many players down south that the import ratio is the only thing saving Canadian pro's. That's why you hear a new league starting up every few years, just no one cares though and they eventually fold.

NFL Europe was set up by the NFL as a farm system for the NFL:, so presumably the players were suited for the NFL, and not the CFL, Over sized slow lineman, etc,