Where would you live?

if given the choice where would you choose to live?

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I chose right where I am. No where else in the world I would go.

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Delta ....suburb of Van? Cool for you then,

My hometown in Kamloops.

Live in Abbotsford work in Langley.

Not ideal but I live with it.

Northern Ontario


I travel the world often. My hometown in Toronto. Now I often live in Miami and New York. Rather, it's all connected with work than with the desire to live wherever you want.

That's why I am out here in the Fraser Valley. Work opportunities.

i love where I'm at in the BC Interior lake country.
If I could though I'd live in the Sylvia Hotel at English Bay in Vancouver and be that eccentric dude on the top floor. Im only one lottery win away.

I used to live in between The Sylvia and Stanley park in early 60's. It was great then. West End was mostly houses with some small apt buildings. Great to have both the beach and the park as my playground.

Yeah no kiddimg.
Still a great neighborhood. I love that old hotel.

I'd love to live for a while in both Montreal and Vancouver.

Further afield, I have romantic notions about living in the south of France, but I've yet to actually even visit to get a real sense of the place.

If I'd made a few different choices twenty years ago or so, I might have ended up in Puebla or Oaxaca, Mexico. Either city has a lot going for it.

As it stands, I think odds are in favour of eventual retirement in Seoul or perhaps the east coast of South Korea, maybe Seokcho or Gangneung: beaches, mountains, and not too too far from all a metropolis like Seoul has to offer.

If I was kicked out of Canada, I would go to Melbourne

can i have your truck?

You taught school in SK did you not?

I did, and still teach online to students living there.

(sorry, I don't have a truck)

what a deal you would get. One year and only 3400k on it. I have spent roughly 35$ a kilometre, not including gas. At this rate I need to be driving another 40 yrs to get moneys worth out of it. sigh

I enjoy where I live in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. It’s where most of the people I’m closest to live. If I had to live anywhere else, it’d be near Milwaukee, where my son lives.

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Elon Musk wants to live on Mars. The CFL is planning to expand there in 2045. :smiley: :+1:

You'd probably need to expand the size of the field with its 38% earth gravity and 1% atmospheric density and pressure...

Great place to set new FG distance records


Seems like friendly people