Where would you choose?

where would you choose to play if you had a choice?
Edmonton, who has had the Rider number this season and hosts in a stadium the Riders don't have an amazing track record, then potentially on to the Stamps....but would also be playing the Esks 2 weeks in a row.
Hamilton, who are killing it in the new stadium, which is very loud.
Toronto, who are on the outside looking in ATM, but where there could very well be more Rider fans than Argo
Montreal, where the team has really struggled the past few seasons.

As of right now, I say Edmonton.

Edmonton looked beatable yesterday. Reilly hasn't necessarily lit it up big time against the Riders (passing anyway).

I think the Riders can game plan better against the West. And a Game in Edmonton would be half Rider fans anyway.

IMO, avoid the travel and roll the dice. If you want to win a Grey Cup, you would eventually have to beat a Western team anyway... So why not beat both Edmonton and Calgary back to back...

I always say, If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best!

my heart says go into Edmonton and knock the stuffing out of Reilly and company. How sweet it would be to go into their building and shut them down and as a bonus send their fans home in shock. The issue with that is then you face the Stamps and while they look beatable in the game we played them if they get some guys back on D they are not going to be the same team we beat last year. So I have to go with my gut and say Toronto. Heck still probably as many Rider fans or more that would be at that game as Toronto fans. Ray is their key weapon but otherwise they have issues at running back and on D.

Stay away from Hamilton and Montreal. Hamilton would love nothing better then for payback for last years grey Cup and their defense plus Collaros are really stepping their games up. Montreal just have the Riders number for whatever reason and the Riders as bad as they play in Edmonton play much worse in Montreal.

Let Edmonton and Calgary pound the snot out of each other and when the dusts settles both teams could be the walking wounded. The same with Hamilton and Montreal. Still would rather face Hamilton then Montreal for East final as Austin is pretty one dimensional on offense with the passing game. Pin your ears back and smack Collaros around lots. Yes no easy task either way as you have to face eventually more then likely Hamilton who want revenge or the Stamps who want revenge. If Edmonton pulled the upset against the Stamps for the Western final then we still may get to knock the stuffing out of Reilly so that sits fine with me. :smiley:

Toronto by far.

But Toronto needs to win out or they won't make it. I think the eastern location will be Hamilton or Montreal and neither is a good place to go.

Edmonton..........they are healthy and not an easy place to play.

I think we're going east regardless. We needed that win yesterday..............didn;t happen

My question is this, if the Riders cross over but have a better win/loss record, do they still go east or does the east come to riderville!???

From what I read in the leader post today no hope of a playoff game at home now. So yes they would go East.

they act as the 3rd place east team...even if they end up with more wins than 1st place.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

The results of this weeks games in the EAST will go a long way to determine whether Toronto actually makes the playoffs or not! If Toronto loses, and Montreal wins, I think their chances are slim... And if Toronto is out, you play either Montreal or Hamilton... Which I think is not good.

I think go through the West... Edmonton first, Calgary second. They will get good fan support at both stadiums. Let the East do the big travel to Vancouver for the Grey Cup (unless it's BC).... I'm sure the Riders would benefit from less travel

The Riders have been blown out by east teams out east aside from Ottawa. Granted two of those games the Riders had key injuries. Still I would prefer to stay west as I think we can beat Edmonton in Edmonton and Calgary has not faired well in west finals against the riders.