Where would 12 teams be?

Name Type1 Population Total private
dwellings, 2001

1996 % change
Canada †30,007,094 28,846,761 4.0 12,548,588
Toronto (Ont.) C 2,481,494 2,385,421 A 4.0 965,554
Montréal (Que.) V 1,039,534 1,016,376 2.3 514,758
Calgary (Alta.) C 878,866 768,082 14.4 343,854
Ottawa (Ont.) C 774,072 721,136 A 7.3 310,132
Edmonton (Alta.) C 666,104 616,306 8.1 275,816
Winnipeg (Man.) C 619,544 618,477 0.2 261,311
Mississauga (Ont.) C 612,925 544,382 12.6 198,235
Vancouver (B.C.) C 545,671 514,008 6.2 248,981
Hamilton (Ont.) C 490,268 467,799 A 4.8 194,154
Halifax (N.S.) RGM 359,111 342,851 A 4.7 153,328
Surrey (B.C.) C 347,825 304,477 14.2 118,529
Laval (Que.) V 343,005 330,393 3.8 135,661
London (Ont.) C 336,539 325,669 A 3.3 146,976
Brampton (Ont.) C 325,428 268,251 21.3 98,753
Markham (Ont.) T 208,615 173,383 20.3 61,618
Windsor (Ont.) C 208,402 197,694 5.4 88,533
Saskatoon (Sask.) C 196,811 193,653 A 1.6 84,281
Burnaby (B.C.) C 193,954 179,209 8.2 76,212
Kitchener (Ont.) C 190,399 178,420 6.7 74,127
Vaughan (Ont.) C 182,022 132,549 37.3 54,359
Regina (Sask.) C 178,225 180,404 A -1.2 74,814
Québec (Que.) V 169,076 167,264 1.1 90,799

Stats of population above. Eliminating the burbs, you got 2 choices:

West: BC, Cgy, Edm, Peg, Regina, LONDON
East: Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, HALIFAX, QUEBEC

West: BC, Cgy, Edm, Peg, Regina, SASKATON
East: Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, HALIFAX, LONDON

what would you pick? Is there any interest/ talk in CFL in London?

Being that any such plan is probably at least 10 yrs or more away, it may be possible to put a second team in Sask. As this is pure hypothetical speculation I would select the second of the two.

Ideally, the league would have 12 teams coast to coast. So one in Halifax and one in QC, and another somewhere in the West.

But obviously the league has to start slow. The Gades are in deep financial trouble so they should stabilize things in Ottawa and try for the 10th team in Halifax before anything else.

I say Saguenay! Put a team in Saguenay!

Its a 280 000 people market thriving to get a team of anything. The junior hockey team is sold out there. Nobody ever consider them.

Someone get me rich, and I will prove to you all a team there would work.

First, the above figures are a little misleading as they are for the “city” not the metro area. As an exampel the City of Vancouver land base is small with a whole bunch municipalities jutting right up to it. For marketing purposes, most people would assume places like Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, etc are part of Vancouver.

No way will there be two teams in Saskatchewan, it takes the whole province to support the team. Realistically you need a team that can draw upon 750,000 people within a 2 hour drive and not overlaping with another team.

The Riders could not survive without a province wide fan AND corporate support. There is no way that Sasktel, etc would double their contribution to football if a team opened up in 'Toon.

London is an interesting thought, add another 100,000 for the metro area, but would still be battling with Hamilton for fans. I do not see a fourth team in Ontarion any time soon.

Quebec City actually has about 700,000 people in the metro area, it should be a viable venue.

The above figures for Halifax are for the Metro area. Would be a tough market, but because it would be the only game intown for the maritimes, I think it could draw from a wider fan base. Their 2 hour drive base would be about double that of Regina. They would also get province and region wide corporate support.

The Kelowna Okanagan area has about 300,000 maybe 400,000 within 2 hours, but lacks the major corporate support. Victoria would have about 350,000 - 400,000 within 2 hour drive.

I still think that Quebec City and Halifax are the realistic choices.

maybe instead of a East-West division of the league they should have a North-South division with the 49th parallel as the dividing line…back to the bong…

maybe the CAFL will keep cities from complainig so much that they want a team

Lol, t’es pas sérieux j’espère quand tu dis ça. S’il y est pour avoir une deuxième équipe au Québec ça devrait être àQuébec. Il y a déjàune tradition de football bien établie ici avec le Rouge et Or qui attire 15 000 spectateurs par partie. Peut-être que ça pourrait être viable mais la prochaine franchise dans la CFL devrait être àQuébec. Le Saguenay c’est trop un petit marché puis l’équipe aurait àpeu près pas de couverture dans la province mis àpart àChicoutimi.

Montréal - Québec c’est une rivalité assuré avec la couverture qui viendrait avec.

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Quoi, t’es pas bilingue ? Dommage pour toi.

dont pull that on me…ill learn french eventually

Ok, thats good. But can you let me speak french with other Quebecers if i want to please.

I said that the next CFL franchise should be in Quebec City, since we already have a good football tradition with the Rouge et Or (Laval university) who draw 15 000 spectators per game in average. Not bad for a college game.

And next year the adult ticket will be at 20 $ (was at 15 last years) and the stadium will be sold out. Bring a CFL teams and it will be a success at very low risk. But the main problem here is that we dont have an adequate stadium.

The natural rivalry between MOntreal and Quebec will also receive a big coverage in the province.

i dont know why more people from accross Canada learn French… i understand most french because i was in a french school… but even those of you who were in english schools should know some french

might wanna edit that first sentence, but i agree more people shold know french, and italian, more useful when going to europe.

Or at least they should learn to read it a bit. I go on some bilingual forum where some people write in english and other in french, in the same thread. We all understand each others and everyone is happy.

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Bob, I know Quebec should have a team before Saguenay. But I maintain that a team there would never lack fan support.

Hey, some people talk about getting a team in London. I would certainly consider getting three team in Quebec before getting a fourth one in Ontario. Especially because Montreal, Quebec City and Saguenay would have distinctive markets, whereas London would overlap Hamilton’s.

Eskimo32001, how can you learn LOTR languages before getting a second “real” langage first?

On an almost related (and irrelevant) note, I started learning German not so long ago. My vocabulary is quite small so far, so all I can say is weird stuff like “Ich habe gern den Teppisch”, which means “I love your rug”.

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actually I thought London was a lot further away from Toronto and Hamilton when I made my original post. I take it back. It only makes sense to have 10 teams in Canada I think, with Halifax being the 10th one. Quebec can pick up if one team falters - i.e. Quebec Renegades. Renegades, thats a stupid name - I don’t think I can even spell it.

How about if we have 12 this way:
#11 Seattle BabyHawks
#12 Buffalo Babybills

where the american teams are 1/2 of the practice roster of the nfl team and 1/2 of reg CFL players, with Doug Flutie playing for Babybills until he is 50. (I don’t understand why there isn’t the equivalent of an AHL in football)

In this set-up, rivalries should play each other a ton of games
Vanc - Seattle
Edm - Calg
Sk - Peg

Montreal/ Ott/ Halifax