Where Will your Team Start their Nationals?


LG: Revenberg
C: Beard
RG: Woodmansey
WR: Hakunavannu
SB: K. Smith

DE: Bennett
SLB: Makonzo
S: Katsantonis


Marc Liegghio is also Canadian

kickers/punters/long snappers all don’t count as starters .



LG R. Hunter
C D. Ciraco
RG P. Nicastro
WR D. Brissett
SB T. Nield
DE R. Smith/ DT D. Knight
S R. Mechie
DH/LB T. Adeleke


So no Jake Cerensa then as a starter ?

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We’re not counting these designated nationals.

I’m pretty sure only a full national player can play every down when it comes to starting.

Oh really? I genuinely didn’t know that.

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My bad , I thought that Cerensa was Canadian .

Jake needs to be the team for 3 years to qualify for a Naturalized Canadian. And as 1 of 8 starting Canadians.

Or in the league for 5.

Three with one team
Five yeat vet.

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This year is year 6 in the league for him

So, then he qualifies.

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I believe Daniels and Cage would qualify on offense for the Argos and Amos on defense. I have kind of forgot how that rule works.

Yes he does

BC may start the season with 9. Embarrassment of National riches. This is how I could see it playing out.

3 oline: Knevel, Couture, Chungh
2 receivers: Cottoy, McInnes

1 dline: Covington/Cherry (rotational), but Bemiy/Joseph may see some time at DE
1 linebacker: Hladik MLB (not sure what will happen with Lokombo & Varga at SAM. Lots of good Americans at camp).
2 DBs: Rene at safety. Greene/Bagayogo at field corner. Greene can also play safety, so 1 starter for sure in the defensive backfield, possibly two.

For the Bombers, very similar to lastyear
3 Interior OL
Brady O at RB
Woli & Demski at WR
Jake Thomas at DL
Possibly Ford at DB


I think Greene is already pegged for Safety. I agree, Bagayogo should get time at Corner.

I think they stick with Kramdi at SLB.