Where will we be playing next season?

Since the roof replacement for B.C. Place is a go will the Lions be playing out at the old Empire Stadium site next season? What are they going to be doing about stands and "facilities" for 25,000+ fans?

Yes, they are playing at there old stadium. And they are building stands for it.

Yeah, just like the good old days. Better make sure you have your rain gear though. It probably will rain like hell next year! :cowboy:

They said nothings confirmed and they'll be holding a press conference in two weeks once it is to announce all the plans, that's what I was told anyways.

I googled the old Empire Stadium site on Google Street View. By the looks of it they’d have to literally build a new stadium. All I could see was grassy field, some baseball diamonds and no seating.

Can they construct “temporary” seating for 30 000 fans that would be safe? And what about washroom facilities? That would be an aweful lot of Johnnie-on-the-spots. lol I read that the new roof at B.C. Place is projected to be completed by July 2011. That will be cutting it close for the Lions 2011 season.

It will be quite the experience to attend some B.C. Lions games at the old site if that is where they will be held.

Why Empire Stadium?

My Grandson played a game a couple of weeks ago at McLeod Stadium in Langley. They had Bleechers on the one side,(Probably fit 5000 + on that side) they could put temp bleechers on the other side plus end zones. Press Box, Team Dressing rooms are already built?

I wonder if BC Pavillion corp even knows about McLeod Park?

Found this at : http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/une ... story.html

"But there are relatively few options available in Greater Vancouver for CFL games with 30,000-plus seats. “Potentially it would be possible,? PNE spokeswoman Laura Ballance said Monday of installing temporary grandstands, concessions and washrooms on the green space in the shadow of Playland’s wooden roller-coaster."

Well, I guess it IS possible and it is being considered. UBC's Thunderbird Stadium is too small at 3500 seats. Burnaby's Swangard is larger at just under 6000. Don't know if it can be expanded. McLeod's in Langley could be expanded from its 5000 but by how much? Any ideas Sportsmen?

This is going to be quite the dilemma for the Lions. Other venues might be able to be accommodated in the new Trade & Convention Centre but the Lions need a football field and seating for 25 000 to 30 000 fans.

Makes you wonder if there will be a season at all.

All I can say is it had better be safe. That is a tremendous amount of weight to have to support. Add to that the additional weight during inclement weather and who knows.

Bathroom facilities are another headache. If you walk into a mens washroom at B.C. Place you will see 30+ urinals along the wall and numerous stalls. And that is just ONE washroom! There are dozens in B.C. Place. Can't remember what the facilities were like at Empire Stadium but I know they were not serving beer back then either.

Am I the only one having feelings of nostalgia whenever Empire Stadium gets brought up as a venue for next season's games? .... Even if it was falling apart a bit at the end? Ah the memories of a youth spent watching the Leos outdoors and in the rain.

And imagine the noise from 30000 fans stomping their feet on temporary metal stands; It would be tremendous.

Anyway I totally agree with beagle about potential problems with facilities such as food/beverage and washrooms at that site. How quickly can something better than "those little doughnut" trailers and Port-O-John's be installed?

"Am I the only one having feelings of nostalgia whenever Empire Stadium gets brought up as a venue for next season's games? .... Even if it was falling apart a bit at the end? Ah the memories of a youth spent watching the Leos outdoors and in the rain."

Some of my fondest memories were taking my girlfriends to a B.C. Lions game YoEleven. Watching teams like Saskatchewan...Edmonton...Calgary. Watching B.C.'s Jim Evenson move down the field like a Mac Truck. Watching Dirty 30 make those awesome catches. The game all lit up against a jet black sky. Smelling the cold crisp autumn air. Yes, and the rain.... Always gave you a good idea what it was like playing in the elements. And then to walk across the field after the game was over pretending we were the players imagining where the QB sack took place or the pass completed or the fumble took place.

To me football was always meant to be played outdoors, regardless of the weather. There was an "intimacy" at Empire Stadium that was never and will never be captured at B.C. Place. The fans are too far away from the field in my opinion.

The noise 30,000 fans would make all stomping their feet on the temporary bleacher seating? That is one of my main concerns. I'm just trying to visualize these massive structures going metres into the sky full of fans stomping. Would they handle the vibrations? Game in and game out? I can just see a massive collapse somewhere because of metal fatigue. Maybe I'm just worrying for nothing. I've no idea what sort of structure they would put up. I just hope they don't cut corners in the construction because it was intended to be just temporary. And I hope all of the bolts are nice and tight.

Hi ppl just a rider fan wanting to let you know that in our south end of our west side we have the aluminum temperary seating and the original use was for the stones concert but they remain a few years later
I actually had my seat there for the stones and thats what I was leary about but believe me there more than safe and I'M
sure if they weren't they wouldn't be there plus they gotta be in between 60-80 ft. tall
just 1 more thing if they can stand up to a good old sask wind they gotta stand up to pretty much anything
the only thing is real grass outside lottsa rain yikes plus I guess you'll need a good rain suit besides its only 1 season and you'll enjoy it even that much more when it's time to move back you lucky buggers here in sask will still be wishing I'M sure

McLEOD STADIUM LANGLEY - a no brainer!!!