Where will Troy Davis play in '07?

Wow Piggy unless you were lost on island that does not take a genius to figure out. It was Toronto with their very high priced running back from the Dolphins that lead the way I am sure. The suprise was that the Lions were third.

You see, and I would have said both BC or Montreal, but of course it would have been the Arblows with RW.

Well Piggy Ricky I can run over everyone in the CFL Williams got paid $500000 did he not?

Why is that a surprise? Like Hugh Campbell, Wally owes some of his success to spending money to get quality players and using the system to his best advantage. He did that here and he does it in B.C. Like it or not, my hat's off to him. He manages his resources well.

Well what about AC and DD, $400 - 450K, seems to me we are talking a much smaller gap between #1 to #5.

CFlesksfan it is a suprise because of the quality players in BC one would think they paid a high premium for them. Again you are going the wrong way with your post.

no he didnt.

only one article said he was getting that much...every other article said $125K-$150K.

even the argo owners and pelly said $500K was way off.

i think the problem was the argos were spending tons of money on ONE position....$150 for ricky, plus $125 for avery....not to mention jeff johnson.

My apologies, I did read you backwards. I thought you were saying you were surprised the Lions were that high. It humbles me to say you are absolutely right.

What is the World coming to?

Regardless of what everyone thought about RW last season, the fact he enjoyed himself and nothing but great things to say about the league, argos org and the city and country goes a long way. I am glad to have had him play up here and wouldnt rule out that he may be back again after he clears up his nfl schlit.

Hell must of froze over.
DG, how in the wordl does anybody know that the Argo's in fact did pay him that much. You are probably right. But the Argos were number one spenders and again did he get paid 1/2 million?

considering 9 outta 10 articles said he got $125-$150K, and the only guy who said he got $500K is a guy who never writes about CFL, im gonna say he got $125-$150K.

Thanks for clearing that up and you did not have to cut and paste wonderful. But thank you for the correction. :lol:

yes, and it still took me 10 reads to understand your post.

Yes I feel for you. I realize you get confused easily. You just keep cut and paste. It is great you do this keep us informed. :lol:

Let's move along everyone. All teams were over the cap last year, and many teams this year look like they are trying to release vets and have players take pay cuts to stay under the new cap. Let's be happy as a whole that the league finally has a cap that is going to be followed!

"Pay cuts ... pay cuts"

"What are dose things?" - Dickenson

What do you not like about Dave there 3rd? I mean did he not get you guys to the GC game and did you guys not win it. Is there something you do not like about him?

I think Ritch has some kind of secret fantasy involving Dawna and a ragdoll......:slight_smile:

Just maybe the reason Dave gets injured is from 3rds voodoo doll. :lol:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2007/02/24/3662181-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

The Edmonton Eskimos’ new motto at running back is simple: cheaper, faster, younger.

By cutting Troy Davis - a five-time 1,000-yard rusher in the CFL - the Green and Gold have made their new mission statement crystal clear to everyone in the CFL after a frustrating 2006 campaign.

“We can’t afford to have a guy that is (going to be) 32 making six figures (for a salary) and not playing to the potential that we think he should be playing at,” stated Edmonton Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia.

“I think we have some serious depth there (at tailback).”


And that depth could soon grow. While yesterday’s release of Davis clearly places newcomer Josh Ranek, 28, at the top of the depth chart - ahead of Ron McClendon, 25, and Antonio Warren, 31, - Maciocia admits the club is looking for at least one more runner.

But what is certain is that every running back on the roster will be cheaper than Davis, who was making $105,000 a season.

With a $4.05-million salary cap, the Esks believe Davis is too rich at that position.

While Davis didn’t make himself available for an interview with the Sun, agent Bob Kirchheimer vows his client will play elsewhere this year.

“(Davis) has football left in him,” he said.

“He has worked hard this off-season. He’s going to be playing football somewhere.”

According to McClendon, the news of being released stunned Davis.

“I know it is definitely a shock for Troy,” said McClendon, who spoke to Davis on Thursday night.

"He took it hard. This is what he has been doing since he was eight years old.

"But I know he is going to bounce back. He is probably one of the best north-south runners in the CFL.

“I am quite sure someone will scoop up Troy Davis.”

But his options appear to be very limited with possibly the Toronto Argos being the only team without a reliable starting running back that could be interested.

Acquired in a blockbuster trade from Hamilton, Davis played a key role in the Esks’ run to the 2005 Grey Cup, averaging nearly 90 rushing yards in the final four regular season games and almost 70 yards per game in the playoffs.

But running behind a re-vamped offensive line last year, Davis was rather ineffective in some games and rarely provided an offensive spark.

Finishing with 1,060 yards over 16 games, it was Davis’s least productive season since 2001.

“At times he was pretty good, and at times he wasn’t,” said Maciocia.

The move clearly puts McClendon on the hot seat - and he knows it.

Entering his third year with the Eskimos, “Goldie” has to prove he can produce on a consistent basis after rattling off 198 yards against Montreal but just 45 versus Saskatchewan to end last year.

“I was a lot more comfortable with Troy here because he was a guy I was good friends with,” said McClendon. "It wasn’t so much a competition. It was more sitting behind a guy learning.

“Now it is a competition thing.”


Ranek produced three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons in Ottawa before partially tearing an MCL last year in Hamilton.

Warren will be reunited with offensive co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine at training camp, but has proven to be a suspect blocking back.