Where will Troy Davis play in '07?


the moment edmonton signed Antonio Warren, i said Troys days in edmonton were done ( even tho some eskie fans said i was nuts ).

the only teams i can imagine pickin him up are toronto or saskatchewan.

sask lost keith and are in need of a proven RB, and i dont think toronto wants to put alot of stock in avery, cuz he's always injured, fumbles way too much and is over-paid.

where else could he end up???

BC is set with Joe Smith
Edmonton has Ranek and Warren
Calgary has Reynolds
Winnipeg has Roberts
Hamilton has Lumsden and Holmes
Montreal has Edwards.

he's not going to Saskatchewan, They wouldn't have picked up Hakim Hill from Toronto if that was the idea.

Davis might not play anywhere.. not like there's a huge shortage of RB's now.

One thing is certain. Whoever gets him is getting a great contributer on offence. I always felt Edmonton misused him and yet he still managed to finish with pretty decent numbers.

As for which team signs him, I agree that Toronto and Saskatchewan are the two most likely. However I wouldn't rule out either BC or Montreal taking a look at him.

I bet Saskatchewan won’t even sniff him…

if anyone takes him, it’ll be Hamilton again… or Toronot, but MAYBE…

hamilton already has 2 RBs....they wont spend on another, considering all the other spots they need to fill.

Especially when their 2 Rbs are of such high quality in Corey Holmes and Jesse Lumsden...

I actually wouldnt be surprised to see the Riders look at Troy Davis...

why? they already signed a starter in Hill

hill a starter?? ok lol

im gonna miss a true worker and all heart player in Trpy Davis


uh they don't sign the guy to be a backup, moron.

troy Davis*

only sask would sign a backup to be a starter moron...oh and thanks for moragn cfl.

It could be that unless Troy takes a pay cut, (which he apparently refused to do with Edmonton) nobody will pick him up.

Expect more cuts related to the cap, from all teams.

Sad to see Kelly let go, I still hope he can come back. It is always a shame to see a career end that way.

Thanks to all 3 Eskimos released.

What or who is a "Moragn cfl???? :?

...was that even remotely necessary?...I would say not....someone says something you don't like then argue it without name calling...grow up in other words....

....btw, lots of guys are signed to play backup, it's hardly a unusual thing....

The signing of Hill means that there will be a good competition at the RB spot in TC. Bracey has shown that he can play in this league and Hill will definitely challenge for the starting spot. A definite plus for the Riders.

The salary cap has sure affected a lot of veterans this year, Troy Davis is another casualty.....

Hill won't even be granted a work visa. He has tried twice to renter the country unsuccessfully, what makes you think that the 3rd time immigration is going to open its doors to him cflsthebest? Davis would be a great sign for the riders " if " he backed off his salary demands. The question is whether or not he can see the writting on the wall.

Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if Hill can't get into the country, based on his long list of troubles with the authorities. Troy Davis might be a possibility to compete for the starting job and to mentor some of our younger backs.

Troy Davis was a workhorse but he just cost too much, and Ranek is pretty much the same back, except for cheaper. Warren and Goldie also fit the bill to make an impact this season. I think it was pretty obvious that he was gone even before Warren was signed. You just can't put yourself above the team. Unfortunate, but I'm not worried about anything.

It's also unfortunate about Kelly. Damn Nik Lewis killed his career. I would've liked to see Wiltshire help on STs and to help LaRose progress, maybe even contend to play LB.

Stewart, no loss...he wasn't making enough of an impact.

As for Hakim Hill...he is unproven. He has potential, but he's not a proven starter. And yes, sometimes players are signed so be a back-up

I sure hope no one complains about the Eskimos and the salary cap this year, the team is clearly commited to staying under the cap as you can see by these releases. I have a feeling Troy will either have to take a huge paycut and be willing to play backup or in a tandem if he wants to continue his career. Sad to see Wiltshire's career end by the hit that nik lewis put on him. Stewart is obviously no loss.