Where will they go?

With Holmes, Ranek and Lumsden all under contract for next, i doubt we will keep all three and use them ni a good compacity. Therefore i assume one will be traded. It makes sense since we could probably get something good in return. But who would want Ranek or Lumsden? My best guess would be either Montreal (because Edwards is getting older) or Toronto (because they wont have Ricky Williams anymore and are clearly dissatisfied with Avery). BC seems set with joe smith, as does Calgary with Reynolds. Sask already has Kenton keith and an offense taylored better around a faster, slicker runner. Winnipeg has Roberts who should be productive for a couple more years. So who goes? i think we could get more for Lumsden. Hes canadian, young and has potential. Ranek is by no means bad; i think hes actually the best runner we have. Id take him over Lumsden.

Holmes is a different story altogether. Any team in the CFL in the right mind would want this guy. hes versatile, explosive and a GREAT guy in the locker room by all acocunts. He can play rb, kr and slot. We could probably get an allstar olineman for him (which we need desperatley) or maybe even a middle linebacker. However, hes almost too good to give up. We could use him ourselves as a KR and convert him to slot in the event that Vaughn jumps ship (which he probably will).

This is a pretty confusing subject for us fans; imagine the GM trying to decide.

In my opinion we should:
a) keep Ranek and start him
b) trade Lumsden for a Canadian Olineman/reciever of high calibre where possible
c) Trade Holmes like Lumsden

Let the flood gates open

berenchea fan 1 said: think we could get more for Lumsden. Hes canadian, young and has potential. Ranek is by no means bad; i think hes actually the best runner we have. I

how many games do you watch RANEK IS A BETTER RUNNER GIVE ME A BREAK . ranek will be gone as will auggie . lumsden has pure talent and will be the starting rb next season holmes will probably become a slot back .hate to say this but if you are truely a auggie fan i can see why you would have this opinion as you should.nt evaluate talent because auggie is not a very good middle linebacker either

hey mustang lets discuss a bit. When did you see Lumsden do something absolutely amazing? He's been mediocre at best so far but he has only played what? 4 games? Im still saying hes top calibre dont get me wrong. But did you watch Ranek run over the bombers defense? did you? I didnt think so. and did you watch him in Ottawa? Hes not a 1000 yard back for nothing. His Oline in Ottawa was terrible, if not worse than what we have now and hes still played fairly well here in Hamilton. Plus he has been injured. So before you decide to post
a negative reply attacking my choice in favorite player, why not build up an argument?
Just a tip buddy.

I don't entirely disagree with BarrencheaFan1.

I still prefer Ranek's talent as a running back over Lumsden unless Lumsden becomes the fullback.

Ranek has been injured all year coupled with the fact that he played in a very inept offensive scheme. If he shows up in one piece next year, I think he'll turn some heads.

Lumsden at 6"2", 225 lbs with his erect running style would serve the team better from the fullback position.

I'd dump Radlein, in favour of Lumsden who can block, catch passes and run. (in that order)

I'd trade Terry Vaughn too. He's 35 years old and definitely slowed down a step. These guys can't go on indefinitely.