Where will the free agent QBs wind up in 2019?

Makes the Masoli contract look like peanuts.
Double what Masoli is making!

Yeeesh! I think Manziel is making as much as Masoli. :o

By Justin Dunk
January 31, 2018

Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Jeremiah Masoli new two-year contract is worth over $700,000 and included a signing bonus of $125,000.
The first year contains $235,000 in “hard money? with $90,000 in playtime incentives while the second features $335,000 “hard money? plus $45,000 in playtime incentives.


Reilly has proven consistently over many years that he can play at a high level. If Masoli keeps progressing and putting up numbers like 2018 then he will be making Reilly type money in a couple of years also.

Too hard a decision for one man to make.That’s why we have elections. Let the kids speak .

Hard to imagine OTT letting Harris walk. One way or the other someone else or OTT will be overpaying.

What’s the old saying about putting all your eggs in one basket ? The ideal might be what the old Ottawas had with Tom Clements/ Conredge Holloway or Barnes and Holloway in Toronto . Collaros and Harris with the Argos had a chance to be a great combo but the understandable quest for more money usually gets in the way .

If starter money goes out of whack in the league, then the backups may be of much lesser quality and price point, in order to balance the books . I hate to be the Captain Obvious but each team is one hit away from losing their franchise QB. Chasing the latest shiny new object may not be the best way to go . Didn’t we sign Jason Maas at one time ? Yeah I know we also got Danny Mac in free agency, so there goes that theory .

I guess we’ll know more on Tuesday, hopefully .

Pat Lynch ( let’s sign our guys before going for the next “shiny object”)

8)Yeah, but at the same time, Collaros was never as good and never will be any where near as
good as BLM and Reilly !!

Now that Reilly is going to BC, Which is pretty much a done deal.

Could Trevor Harris go to EDM and be re-united with Maas who was his OC in OTT and
Brock Sunderland who was the Asst GM in OTT?
There is some history there.

Career wise, I agree with your comment on Masoli, but I’d change your words “most of the” to “the top.” But, if considering just his 1.5 seasons as a CFL starter, and the same for the others, I’d say he’d be in the same category. Only time will tell where Masoli really stands when compared to the likes of BLM & Reilly. But for now, with Masoli, the TiCats are certainly getting a great bang for the bucks.

I’m kind of surprised that Harris has not re-signed with OTT. I really thought that was a lock.

I’d love to see those smug so-and-so’s have to compete with players they’ve actually groomed themselves. (Maybe Ellingson can also help out on this front by exercising his FA rights. D.Spencer already has.)

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Desjardins groveling up to Kevin Glenn to be his QB! 8)

In this game of QB musical chairs, Desjardins might get caught without a chair tomorrow. ;D

Maas was already in Edmonton I think when Harris went to Ottawa.

Ahhh. now that I have actually checked, :-[, he did leave the year before Harris came to OTT

Thank you for correcting. :slight_smile:

Would be incredible. I doubt that will happen though, they didn’t let their OC interview for the Sask job knowing Harris has a great relationship with him.

There’s one guy who probably already knows where they’re all going to wind up. Dan Vertlieb:

I can’t believe we are still talking about Kevin Glenn in 2019! Does anyone still have their bobblehead?

Glenn added a whole new category to his resume with EDM last season.

He already had:

  • Teams he has played for (HAM, CAL, BC, MTL)
  • Teams he has played for more than once (SSK, WPG)
  • Teams whose roster he has been on but never suited up for (TOR, OTT)

And now:

  • Teams he has suited up for but never saw the field (EDM)

He has more “groupings” of teams than most people have teams.

Argos preparing monster offer for Bo Levi Mitchell: sources

I could get behind this for a few reasons:

  • Knock CAL down a peg or two
  • Knock BLM down a peg or two when his “all-time greatest winning percentage” is proven to be based on the CAL system and not his own personal greatness
  • Very small boost in fan interest in TOR, which needs it
  • Takes TOR out of the running on other prized free agents if they have to cough up $750k for BLM

Plus we’ll get to pound the smirk off his face on Labour Day. ;D

Someone tell me how Toronto and BC can afford $700k for a qb? The 2 most unstable franchises in the CFL.

Toronto has an almost unlimited budget with being owned by MLSE.
There may be some serious money with a potential ownership change in BC.
I also think it’s obvious that both teams expect a significant hike in the salary cap as a result of the upcoming League/CFLPA CBA.

If not, then that’s a LOT of cap space used…