Where will the Cats play during renovations to Ivor Wynne?

I've not yet heard the answer to this question. (My apologies if it has been answered elsewhere).

Please choose the answer you agree with most. Some of the options are funnier than others. Let your fellow fans (and the team) know what you think. Which option will make it most likely for you to continue being a season ticket holder/casual game day fan.

I voted for the Ron Joyce stadium option.

It's the only one that is practical, keeps the team local for fans and since training camp is already there, we know the basic infrastucture for the team to function physically is already there.

.... with some tweaking obviously, it could work out well.

Expanded with temp seats Ron Joyce or all away games I would say.

Split them with Moncton and London.

Bring in the stadium the B.C. Lions used this year by rail
and put it up in some large easy to get to open space

and use it for all the home games 1n 2012 and 2013

except for one game in London each of those years.

Save this year's game out in Moncton for next year.

Well if they brought the BC stadium here, put it on the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia .......the province owns the land and it's sitting there doing nothing..........and certainly large enough

Ron joyce will never be used for 2 very good reasons.

  1. there is NO ROOM on the west side of the field for evem temp stands and ..
  2. The Westdale residence would never EVER approve of it...EVER!!!

Ivor Wynne could be used with temps set up in the west endzone , east endzone and the north stands.
Above arangement could hold season ticket holders only....no walk ups.

why cant they build ONE grandstand in ONE offseason? why will it take so long?

Team already has a hard enough time growing and keeping its season ticket holders by asking them to pay full fare to sit in glorified highschool bleachers with even less emenities than IWS ,which a temp facility would be, is asking too much.

Problems with scheduling aside …Like it or not Rogers Centre is the only other proper facility for professional football . It would be a partial if not total solution.

Ron Joyce can’t be expanded to even 15,000. Rogers has already been dismissed. During part of the process we’ll have IWS. Going to the Maritimes for a game has been mentioned. Love to see if UWO could host a game or 2 with temp seats to get it up to 18,000.

That's something I didn't think of. :oops:

The city actually built the north stands in one off-season. Maybe they could build the lower deck new south stands in one off-season and then build the upper deck portion the next.

Another thing I didn't consider would be to (slightly) increase the sideline area by maybe 5 yards on both the north and south side. This, while moving the fans a little bit away from the action, would certainly improve the safety aspect for all players. (I don't recall a serious injury caused by the closeness of the concrete walled stands though (even before they added the padding)).

I'm just so excited about this, man I hope council votes for this! :thup:

The north stands are not going anywhere. They're getting a facelift. To do as you say would mean to remove 5 rows of seating.
Add temp bleachers at the east endzone in front of the existing endzone seats, get rid of the tents and add "grey cup" bleachers there and demo / construct the new south stands.
Bleachers could also be added in the north west corner where the beer tent is.

Sure the north stands aren't moving. But if they build the south stands 10 yards further south than where they are currently that would give the extra 5 yards on each sideline if they would then move the playing area 5 yards to the south, from where it is currently. :wink:

they would then need to dig up the entire field to change the "crest" that runs the entire lenght of the field. Not likely....I would rather have hot water in the washrooms instead.

The field has to go to host soccer. Our doesn't meet FIFFA standards.

DAMN UNIONS!!! :wink:

Hey , the unions aren't the ones that object to working the OT required to make it a 24/7 job. Might cost $215M instead of $115M but hey you want it done fast they'll getter dun

I was just kidding.
Kidding aside I just want as much constuction work for native Hamiltonians as possible and hope that bidding will include a high % of local labour provided. :thup:
Keeping city money in the city.

They have water in the washrooms???

Not under Box J they don't.