Where will McMaster QB Kyle Quinlan end up in 2013?

Where do you think McMaster starting QB Kyle Quinlan will end up in 2013?

Kyle Quinlan has ties to two CFL teams. As he has played for the Hamilton Ti-Cats (training camp) & Montreal Alouettes (Training Camp/Preseason). Paul LaPolice is VERY high on Quinlan. And if LaPolice becomes the new OC in Edmonton, we may see Quinlan brought in. But currently, Montreal holds Quinlan's rights.

Hopefully a CFL team gives this kid a chance. He deserves it.

Montreal doe snot hold Quinlan's rights. He's a free agent. There is a two week exclusive negotiation window (which expires next week) for the Als to bring him back, but for all intents and purposes Quinlan is free.

But two CFL teams have given him a chance and at the training camps he didn't prove himself. That's the way football works, when there is a lot of talent out there the better players stick around. After not making the roster in Montreal he elected to return to the CIS and play one more year. Maybe with the extra year in the CIS he might have improved, if a CFL team decides to bring him in that's great give him a chance.
But let's face it, he would have to go up against ex-NFL QBs or very experienced NCAA Tier 1 players. These Tier 1 NCAA or NFL QBs have faced defenses that are faster, stronger, quicker and better coached than anything he has seen in the CIS.

how come "coaching at McMaster" wasn't an option? ...

Blaa Blaaa , Just give the talented CIS qb,s the same chance to develope as rb,s fullbacks, recievers, etc etc.

You can't possibly be this thick? Quinlan went to camp with the Cats when he wasn't eligible to play in the CFL (he hadn't had his draft year yet) and was with about 12 other QBs in Montreal and it was always known that he would be released and head back to McMaster. There was no belief from anyone that Quinlan would stick with the Als this year. He wasn't there to win a roster spot; he was there to gain experience. If he shined and made the team, he would have stayed, but everyone involved knew he was going back to McMaster for his final season and he didn't elect to return to Mac; that was the plan all along. :roll:

:thup: Good news for Paul LaPolice!

And you point is?...............

Do you think he would have returned to Mac if the Als had said "wow we like this guy let's sign him"??
He may be invited to a camp next year and if he is, then evaluate him like any other QB in camp. But he may have shined in the CIS but it's a whole different ball game when you go up against bigger, faster, better coached defences.

Where's the Wendy's option? :wink:

He's not good enough to play in the CFL

Montreal is the team that showed real interest in him last year. It was known that he would head back to MAC for his 5th year because it would give him a chance to play but hiw training camp invite was the real deal and Montreal is definetely intersted and would most likely be placed on the Practice roster in his first year. Not unusual for montreal to place a true rookie straight out of University on the PR or hide them on the 9 game IR for the season. Last year they carrie 5 QBs for most of the season 3 on the roster. One on the 9 game IR and one on the Practice squad. He will most likley get the PR spot or maybe the 9 game IR spot for his first season. then game on as he tries to elevate to the number three spot in 2014.
Hamilton chose Wil Finch to come in last year before he ever played a University game. So they may choose to target him.

Although the Als did invite 12 QBs and their coaches to camp that were not CFL eligible both Quinlan and Graves were not a part of that group. Those players only spent a few days at camp. Quinlan and Graves both spent the entire Camp with the Als with the regular QB everyday. Quinlan did get a few snaps in the pre season where Graves did not get anytime at QB but did spend one pre season game as the main punter, his other position. They Knew with a 5th year of to return to the CIS that they would not make the CFL roster last year but were very much in camp as real players being evaluated and watched during their 5th year.

With Hamilton now in search of an Offensive coordinator having him in Hamilton and signing Quinakn would be an ideal situation. Most import QBs coming to the CFL do not get onto the 46 man roster the first season. Many are hidden on the 9 game IR enabling teams to not only have a 4 man stractch each game to get to 42 while placign others on the practice roster. Two of the 7 practice roster spots are designated for Non Imports only. Once the stamps called Sinopoli back when tate got hurt and when Tate came back they used one of those spots to keep Sinopoli with the organization. Noting wrong if Quinlan holds the 4th QB spot on the practice roster his first season