Where Will Kwame Cavil End Up?

id like to see him get picked up by the cats again,

last year he wasnt given a fair shot with the Marshall/PaoPao Combo and with a whole new coaching staff and office i think if hes given a fair chance can again be a 1,000 yard receiver for us

plus we have no receiver on our roster who are proven besides morealle and he didnt play much last year so his leadership could be of value

where do u guys think he will end up??

sask? r u seriouse, they have tons of receiever and just got Dj Flick and Hill they r stacked at WR id see him in toronto before sask, i voted hamilton, i tihkn marcel should give him a second chance under his new head coaches.

My guess is he will catch on as a Wallmart greeter somewhere.

In all seriousness, I think he is one of a number of players who will be hurt by the cap. He may catch on somewhere but at a serious reduction in pay.

Bombers will re-sign him and he will be the 4th WR likely.

Over Rated Please Let Him go else where.

It won’t be BC or Calgary, both of those teams are pretty much deep in receivers.

in rehab with ricky williams, dexter manley, marc gastineau, don matthews, and the kid from the goonies.

Isnt Gastineau dead.......

As an Als' fan I'd welcome him back.

The Bombers are no closer to signing either Cavil or Charleton, which leads me to believe Taman has another receiver and linebacker in his sights ala Bush over Samuals.



Charleton is asking for six figures....could be he's out.....Cavil who knows........maybe Brendan didn't like his raptor dance,,,, :roll: :wink:

the bombers should keep him, pay him the exact same as brazzel, then let them battle in training camp and pre-season...winner takes the spot, loser gets cut!