Where will Calvillo end up?

It's pretty clear that Calvillo will be dealt by Montreal. He has criticized his teammates through the media after abandoning them after their Grey Cup loss.

Where will he end up?

Out in Winnipeg, (despite denials in the media) I think Berry will put a lot of pressure on Taman to try to get Calvillo for the Bombers. Berry is a big fan of Calvillo, and is not a big fan of Kevin Glenn.

If Maas has a health problem that continues to hamper him from throwing deep, Hamilton would be crazy not to try to trade for Calvillo, who can throw deep with the best of them. And if Taafe is hired in Hamilton, wouldn't he want "his guy" at QB (and didn't Calvillo win a lot of games for Taafe when the latter coached in Montreal? Hmmmmnnnnn)

I for one don't want to see Calvillo back in Hamilton regardless of how well he has played in Montreal. I didn't like his attitude here when things weren't going well, and I don't like his attitude now after playing poorly in the Grey Cup particularly in the 1st half.

Geez in the article on Calvillo you`d almost think he was talking about alot of fans in Hmailton wouldnt you ??

Coaches and QBs have always:

  1. got too much credit or too much blame
  2. the best have accepted it as part of the job.

I believe AC is choking again, under pressure from himself mostly, but also from fans and media.
He still hasn't learned to handle it as well as Danny Mac did.
He could also be choking on his words.
Unless there is some blockbuster trade or trades brewing, I see AC in Montreal and JM in Hamilton in 2007.
Of course at the end of 1960 season Ticats tried to trade Bernie Faloney to the Als for Sam Etcheverry (neither had a good 1960 season). Turned out Sam had a no-trade contract so the trade was voided, so was his contract as the Als had broken it. Sam went to the NFL, Bernie had his best season (in Hamilton) in 1961. After 1964 Ticats finally did trade him to the Als in a blockbuster trade

Ahhh, remember that deal well. What you omitted is the the 1960 deal wasn't just Faloney for Etcheverry; it was Faloney and Dan Paquette for Etcheverry and Hal Patterson. Since the Faloney~Etcheverry part was voided, the trade ended up being Paquette for Patterson one for one; not a bad deal for Hamilton wouldn't you say?

Now you can answer one for me; when the Cats did eventually trade Faloney to Montreal, what came back in return? I forget.....

AC is still pretty much at the top of his game. IMO, he's better than all but 2 other CFL QBs (Dickenson and Ray). Unless, Jesse Palmer has shown an awful lot, I'd say AC will be back in Montreal. I don't think Popp sees Nealon Greene or Marcus Brady as 1st stringers. Montreal has bigger problems to deal with than at QB.

If he was dealt, I'd love to see him wearing blue in 2007. I'm sure it'd take a lot to get him out of Montreal though although the salary cap is a consideration.

An Argo fan

Bring him to the Hammer :thup: I want MAAS GONE!

Actually it was ruled legally and by the CFL as 2 separate trades: Paquette for Patterson trade which stood, and Etcheverry for Faloney trade which was ruled invalid as Sam had a no-trade clause in his contract. Therefore we kept Bernie and Sam was free to go wherever he chose (NFL Cardinals)as the Als had broken the contract by trading him.
We really ripped Montreal off again in the final deal:
Besides Faloney, the Als got Ralph Goldston, who had been an outstanding DB and RB for Hamilton but was near the end of his playing days, and Jackie Simpson, an import back-up DB who had played little for Hamilton.

In return, Hamilton got:

  1. Billy Ray Locklin an all-star DE who helped solidiy our DL, was part of the record-setting defense of 1967 and scored a TD in the '67 Grey Cup.
  2. Ted Page little guy but hit like Butkus, and considered a Canadian in those days.
  3. Barry Hansen, Canadian DB who was a better than average DHB.
  4. Billy Wayte, another above-average Canadian DB.
  5. Don Clark, outstanding RB who had teamed with George Dixon to give the Als the best pair of RBs in the CFL for several years. He never reported to Hamilton as the salary Hamilton offered him he considered way too low as it was less than he was making as (if I remember correctly), a social worker with troubled kids.
    The other big Hamilton trade was when we ripped off Edmonton in 1966, before 1967 season. But that's a story for another day.
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I think the "Calvillo for Maas" thread addresses this wishful thinking. :wink:

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where will Calvillo end up?

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