Where will Adrian McPherson end up

Adrian McPherson, released by Montreal.

Where will he end up:
A) BC Lions
B) Edmonton Eskimos
C) Calgary Stampeders
D) Saskatchewan Roughriders
E) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
F) Montreal Alouettes
G) Toronto Argonauts
H) Hamilton Ti-Cats

My thoughts in order:
#1) BC Lions, replaces Reilly as #2 on the depth chart behind Lulay.
#2) Toronto Argonauts, replaces Jackson as the #2 on the depth chart behind Ray.
#3) Hamilton Ti-Cats, replaces Porter as the #2 on the depth chart behind Burris.
#4) Saskatchewan Roughriders, a new #2 on the depth chart behind Darian Durant.
#5) Edmonton Eskimos, brought in to push Nichols for the #2 job.
#6) Calgary Stampeders, brought in to push Kevin Glenn for the #2 job.
#7) Winnipeg Bluebombers, dont see him signing here. Blue Bombers said they did not have interest.
#8) Montreal Alouettes, dont see him returning to Montreal. Replaced by Porter.

I honestly cant see him anywhere. Maybe some other football league such as the arena league if it still exists. Buono likes to develop his own qbs. Calgary is pretty much set. Edmonton traded for Reilly and has Nicols. Saskatchewan has Drew Willy who looks fairly promising for a number two, and Durant is the undisputed starter. Hamilton is a possibility; hard to know what Austin will do. Apparently Winnipeg said they arent interested (although Im not sure why). Toronto could use a number 2, but is that what McPhearson wants? And he was just released by Montreal.

McPherson should have wanted out last season. He would have had interest from multiple teams.

If Winnipeg, in fact said they don't have interest, I'm shocked. If anybody needs a QB, it's them.

And it's the only team where being the backup pretty guarantees starting a lot of games.

Ya, i have NO idea why Bombers GM said he had NO interest in McPherson. He would be the best option imo. But we shall see. McPherson can sign any day and hasnt found work yet. That could be because of the $$$ he wants. Likely asking for $80,000+ a year. Which is unrealistic for a backup role in which he is likely only being offered.

The BC Lions wanted a 1st round pick from Winnipeg for Reilly and the Bombers said no. Edmonton's offer was better then what Winnipeg ended up putting on the table. So Bombers lost out and Media & fans started down playing the fact that they really didnt want or need Reilly, which we all know isnt true. They need and wanted him BAD. If the Bombers think they can win with Alex Brink & Joey Elliot after another week 2 injury to Buck Pierce, they are mistaken!

I thought after Reilly went to edmonton that AM would be a shoe in for Winnipeg, I'm baffled that they are going to try and roll with the 3 stooges, Elliot and Brink have the most upside and even they look like a joke sometimes, I can only assume now he'll take a paycut and head to Hamilton where he can only hope Burris hangs it up in less than 3 years so he can start before he's 34....

I think they might still be in shock they won't get a crack at Reilly. They were apparently spending a lot of time watching film, vetting him and getting a package together for him. We will see what they come up with. Mack's future is tied to the Bombers season and so to his QB situation.

...Bombers aren't interested because he isn't much better than what we already have...All of our back-ups, except Goltz, have as much experience....Change for the sake of change.....Foolish move and no thanx... :wink: Reilly was a gamble as far as I''m concerned...AND he better have the goods or Mr. Hervey and company are going to have a lot of explaining to do... :wink:

Does this mean that the Bombers will declare Brink or Elliot as he designated starter for 2013?

Or will they reaffirm Pierce as the #!? (health permitting)

...No declaratrion....You come in and earn the job....Door is open for ALL of our signed guys... :wink:

He may have to accept a back up spot again at least for one more season and could quite possible that He will be the first starting QB for the Redblacks after that. He burned his britches in the NFL where he could have gotten a camp invite for a read option team looking for a back up. Seattle perhaps. A team which needs a plug in back up for maybe one season could be Toronto where he knows the system better than anyone in the CFL besides Callivillo and Ray and even O'sullivan in SASK has played in the west coast offense over his NFL days. Paying him in Toronto would be anything altogether he would have to take less than he did in Montreal for sure.
Timing for him is a year off or No doubt signing as a free agent in Ottawa would be a no brainer for Ottawa and McPherson.

I could see him coming to Toronto in 2013 as a backup. He knows Scott Milanovich's offence and from what I understand, he has a great relationship with Scott. The Argos have dumped a ton of Salary over the past 2 months:


So they would have a lot of cap space to work with.

Can't see it. They like the young qb's they have a lot and it won't solve Adrian's problem... a chance at playing. The smart gamble for Adrian is to wait and see if someone gets hurt or a team has a terrible start.

Definitely an option but very risky. Missing training camp, exhibition games and the time it takes to learn the playbook....he'll be extremely rusty when he does take the field if he choses this path.

I say he will play in the UFL and sign with Ottawa in/for 2014.


The UFL pretty much doesn't exist anymore. They 4 teams in 2012 and canceled the 2012 season half way through and have not paid players that paid last year. Not sure why anyone would put their name on one of those contracts. If he's that set on starting wherever he plays next season then maybe there's an opening somewhere with an arena league team though.

Hamilton -- Burris has to go

I'd say also Saskatchewan but it looks like they are really sold on Drew Willy there.

And yes it amazes me too that Winnipeg has no interest, but hey they can stick to their plan and it's likely their loss.

He made more than 80,000 in Montreal. Money is not a issued for him. Since he sued the NFL and Won, when he was with the Saints (i think St ants) and was run over by the mascot on the sidelines with a golf cart. It screwed up his knee right out of college. He was of course blacked ball after that by the NFL

Glad to hear he won re NFL. Any idea of the extent of his winnings?