Where were you when the lights went out?

So does the power failure at the NFL’s ultimate game show the Super Bowl to be an over hyped bush league contest, or…?

The only problem I had was that during the black out I was doing something else and when I came back the 49ers had scored 3 TDs. Great finish, great game.

So we watched an exciting game and the "usual suspects" are going to try to find some fault????.............lol

I was out getting wood.

[b]Where were you when the lights went out?[/b]
in bed.

can't sleep with the lights on.

I was working and watching all the hype brainwashed people watch and wine about the game going off the screens

NFL is looking so much more like the CFL and not just talking games that go right down to the end. Which is great, it's a passing game to win for the most part. This game was excellent, glad I did come back after the lights problem. Hopefully the ratings are great as it adds to overall ratings for our CFL network Bell.

I agree it was a great game. During the black out I was thinking if this happened at a Grey Cup the "usual suspects" would likely use it as proof that the CFL is a bush league, so I thought I would throw out the comment with the ending "or..." which would give everyone a chance to give their opinion. (I never expressed my own opinion).


I watched the first half. At that point I figured it would be a blowout. (referring to the score, not the lights). I guess I missed a good comeback and exciting end. Oh well. I enjoyed watching Downton Abbey with my wife.

It's almost as if a CFL game broke out. "No lead is safe." Heck of an ending.


power outage has nothing to do with the league itself and it would be assinine for anyone to dis either the cfl or the nfl, or any other league because of it.

Anyone who’s pent more than 15 minutes reading web comments on the CFL will know that many anti-CFL people would absolutely have used such an occurrence as a reason to call it a bush league. I think that’s the point - not whether a power outage actually proves incompetence on the part of the league, because it most likely doesn’t.

You got that right ExPat. The SB and the lights went out, that's pure "bush CFL" in most peoples minds who won't give the CFL the time of day. But I'm sure it's all pure cool with them for the SB and NFL. Hypocrites.

This. And it's insanely true.

Really I was. lol