Where were you Fred

The only time I heard your name was in the pre game warm ups, where were you? Was it Glen January, or were the doubling Fred all game?

Also, I heard his comments on Crandell before the game lol. I'm booing him now, after what he said about The Big MC, I will no longer cheer him. He could've at least gave him one complement. Instead he just said, "He can't do this, and he won't do that, and he should be a backup." If KJ wasn't on the team last year, would he have said the same things I doubt it. I also doubt we will hear the same things from Hunt and Joseph when they return to Regina to play the Riders.

Go Riders!

Let the bashin' begin! I can't wait to read some of your insults. Hopefully they at least make me laugh.

No insults from me. I saw the commentary they showed during the game. He said he was going to make this a statement game.

But looking at the stats, it looks like he had only 1 tackle. I'd hardly call that a statement game.

I'm hoping he turns up the heat. Otherwise, why did we go after him? :expressionless:

When do you sleep?

When I pass out? :expressionless:


I'm not going to boo him. From all accounts Fred and Marcus had a business together in Regina and it went south for whatever reason. They always say the quickest way to lose friends is to go in business with them. He was obviously frustrated and was venting, he's still going to be a heck of a player for the Eskimo's, he was just going up against one of the best O-lines in the league.

Interestingly enough, after ET reported that Fred owed people money, TSN was on record, pre-game, that it was Marcus that owed Fred. Hmmmmmmm.......

As far as im concerned that's between Fred and Marcus, the only thing I know is they did have a business together and are no longer talking to each other. I'm not going to boo Fred because he's upset at Marcus, he didn't say anything bad about the Riders.

Fred made a statement last night:
"I'm an inch too short!"

Almost tipped the ball away on Flick's TD catch. ALMOST!

Ha surprise surprise sure did not take long for some to start turning on an ex rider player did it. :lol:
Why is it only in rider land? At least wait a couple of years and then knock the guy.

...well, when he starts singling out and slaggin' his former friend, teammate, and business partner in a public venue, he deserves to have it thrown back in his face, particularly when he was completely outplayed by that person...

Football players do that? You know your mamma wore army boots type of thing. Not hey guys this ex player slagged our player go get the manure truck time. Let the boys on the field do the talking.

...if you're gonna smack talk, be prepared to eat it if you're wrong...it works like that with posters here, it works like that with players, too...not sure why you have a problem with this, red, since you're the first one to make people eat their words when they're wrong...

Tanks JM02 for reminding me. Yes that Fred is a jerk get that dam manure truck for his neighbor instead. LOL

Once you're gone from team X you are gone from team X

...don't you think, red, that the manure jokes are a little (okay, a lot) old now? Time to find some current material...

...I agree, the manure jokes are as stale as calgary's receivers are nothing but TD dancaholics....

...agreed there, too...

Joking who is joking?

If you are serious, then that would be even more pathetic than it is if you are joking...