Where were the Als fans?

Srsly! I saw more Bombers fans than Als fans. Yeah i know Montreal is a fair distance off but they were actually in the game! What happened???

Well considering 1000000 people watched the Grey Cup in French.. I'd say that there are a few Als fans out there...
Honestly if you are a French Canadian ,Alberta is thae last place you want to go for a vaction to. It maybe a great place to find work,but I'm sure most quebecers would rather go to Flordia.

Florida might be closer as well.

Montreal to Calgary - 3743km
Regina to Calgary - 764km

Oh And:
Montreal to Miami - 2661 km

Same as when Hamilton hosted the Cup in '96 I believe it was when the Argos faced the Eskies, there was hardly any Argo fans at the game and Toronto isn't far from Hamilton. People from Toronto aren't going to travel to little ol' Hamilton, beneath them. I didn't expect many Als fans to travel to the game as well but at least they watched their team and that is good and about the best we can expect, as said, Calgary at this time of the year isn't exactly a tourist attraction.

Montreal only averages 20,000 fans a game in the regular season. Even if they all made the trip to Calgary, they still would have been outnumbered.

Uh, our stadium currently only holds 20,000. Tough to draw more when you don't have the seats.

To reply to buddy from BC...

Didn't see too many Lion fans at the Final either. Plain fact is you don't plan a trip across the country on a week's notice no matter if you are French Canadian or an Orangemen. Calgary is in driving distance from Calgary and at least a half a million Albertans are native to the prairies. Who cares anyway like D said the largest audience on French TV of 2009...


Let's see how many Als fans show up at the parade tomorrow. I'm sure it will be more than 20,000 :wink:

There was 54 000 at the final. Strange that he would not notice since HIS team was playing :slight_smile:

I know, I didn't see many Lions fans either. It was pretty lame.
Still, I know the Als are big in Montreal, beyond 20000 fans. I was expecting more than what I saw tho.