Where were all the fans...?

I certainly don't mean this as an insult... I'm just curious. Where were all the fans for the Edmonton-Calgary game?

There were nearly 41,000 fans for the LDC, and the Week 17 match-up had nearly 36,000. Yet for the playoff game yesterday, there were barely 31,000 fans. What gives? :expressionless:

That is highly unusual. It's the Battle of Alberta! Playoff Game! Don't know what else you need.

Maybe it's because Edmonton was a boring/underwhelming opponent in their two visits to Cowtown. Maybe the weather. Maybe only the one-week notice for the date. Maybe because they set aside tix for EDM fans and they didn't show support? Alright all those reasons are a stretch.

Either way, it's a sad showing, and I'm a CGY fan. One thing is for sure is that the Grey Cup IS sold out, and you have to think the vast majority of tickets were scooped up locally, so the support is there, just not yesterday!

I was wondering if maybe some people stayed home because Edmonton failed to show in the last two meetings... but come on, it's the Battle of Alberta! You gotta go! :smiley:

hamilton sold 27,430 in 6 days notice of the game. not quite a sell-out, but still pretty good for a team that turned many fans off over the last 5 years.

perhaps all teams should start selling playoff tickets with season tickets, so if the team makes the playoffs, they have already sold as many playoff tickets as they have season ticket holders. if they dont host the playoff game, the buyer can either, get a refund, or put that money towards next seasons ticekts.

outside of season ticket holders, tho, the lack of sell-outs for both semi's, is a reflection of teams inability to properly market themselves, IMO.
something i think all teams can improve upon...with the exception of the riders, perhaps.

My assumptions:

Not many Edmonton fans travelled because it was a Sunday game with an evening conclusion, and many have already made the trek once or twice this year.

Calgary attendance was limited by the fact that many people probably decided against buying WSF tickets because they'd already dropped a wad on Grey Cup tickets.

Well I guess with your team losing the game you have to find something. Yes it is a mystery why fans do not show up to a big game.

I think a lot of people are just cheap who have money, and a lot in Calgary and area have spent money on the Grey Cup and money only goes so far as well for entertainment. Different reasons like that. Here in Hamilton, economy is hurting and people just don't have the money, and as well people with money are cheap or just want to stay inside their fancy houses and not venture out into the wild of November. And many just aren't fans really, true fans.

I believe a friend of mine told me they have what 30,000 seasons ticket holders and with a season ticket you get the playoff game as well. So they paid but just did not go to the stadium. Can a Stamp fan fill me in on this.

I am a stampeder season ticket holder, at the beggining of the year you have to option to purchase you rseats at a the cost of the playoff ticket. Many fans do not purchase the tickets, including alot of Bars who purchase about 50 tickets each. Also, I think it was a game that Stampeders fans didn't want, they were disapointed about loosing the right to host the west final to the Riders. The weather was great too! We are spoiled... There was not much of a ticket push by the stamps either

i dont know.. was shocked to see so many empty seats. Went to Calgary for 1 game this year the Rider one in Aug. great game. great atmosphere.. Had a blast.

Also, I think it was a game that Stampeders fans didn't want, they were disapointed about loosing the right to host the west final to the Riders.

I can see that red actually. But all we be forgotten I'm sure if the Stamps make the Grey Cup this year right there in Calgary, I'm sure.

Not really. If the game had been in Edmonton, and there were only 31,000, I'd be asking where all the Eskimos fans were. It was a playoff game, and it was the Battle of Alberta. I kind of thought there'd be a little more excitement.

Similar smaller crowds have sprouted up for playoff games when the home team was also playing host to the Grey Cup a week or 2 weeks (in this case) later. Happened to BC in 05' and Edmonton in 02'. Another thing that didn't help matters any was the fact that this was like what, the 5th meeting between the 2 teams including pre-season? The league has to expand so that these rivalries don't get stale over the course of the season.

Since the league and not the teams get the revenue from playoff games, there isn't a lot of incentive for the individual teams to promote them. Still no excuse, but Calgary fans are notoriously inconsistent in their support. Maybe they were afraid they'd have to see Edmonton win, which would be apocalyptic (LOL). And before anyone jumps all over me, let me say that I am a Stamps fan.

This was the smallest crowd of the year at McMahon Stadium. But playoff games are a hard sell due to the short time there is to sell tickets and the highly variable weather in November (anywhere from -25 to +15) There are 30,000 football fans in Calgary that had already bought tickets to 11 games this year.

I cannot believe anyone is complaining/commenting/whining about the "small" crowd. The west semi-final had higher attendance than any game this year in Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton or Montreal. It was better attended than all but 2 games in Vancouver.

It was the 2nd highest attendance at a semi-final since 2005. The only higher attendance was also in Calgary. So keep it up Calgary. Good work.

The individual teams can purchase the rights to the game from the league so its not as if they don't have the option of getting all of the revenues from the game so that excuse disappears pretty quick.

Well, let's really look at it, shall we? Both semis the last two years were in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. Saskatchewan has a smaller stadium than most, but they still did their part by selling out both games. Winnipeg... well, let's be honest, they haven't fielded spectacular teams the last few years, so it's no wonder the fans weren't showing up.

But what's Calgary's excuse? Defending Grey Cup champs. Second place in the West. Call it what you want (complaining, whining, commenting), but I thought there should've been move fans. Simple as that...

that was the fifth time this year they played. its possible, people are tired of watching edmonton calgary, even if its a payoff game. lame i agree. the ratings were high though... could people have decided to just... stay home on a sunday, have a bbq, and watch the game on HD? Due to my church service, and being over an hour away, i didnt quite have the time, so i had to stay home, but i was happy. i agree it was a poor showing(when all things are concidered... especially as it was 4 points away from being the last stamps game as champs). they should seriously consider just giving more tickets away for some games like that... this is just one more... Lots of high school playoffs going that weekend. Brooks game on saturday... kicked poop out of winston churchill. one of the smallest crouds i ever saw was on a november 11th game against BC in the playoffs. this is all just theory. im a stamps fan and agree, sholda been a bigger croud.