Where we go from here

Our defence is still awesome and our special teams are outstanding - We have more than half a dozen legit starters on injured reserve who will be with the team down the stretch. Defence wins championships and will be the difference in an icy Winnipeg in November. With first team reps over the next two weeks (good time for a bye week) I think Mathews will be OK. He may be a little Brett Favreish by nature and we may see some bad interceptions but with some tweaks I think he'll be fine.

We came very close to beating the Esks without Collaros last night - arguably the best team in the West right now.

If Fantuz and Grant can make it back for the next game, that will take a LOT of pressure off of whomever is passing the ball...

Coach Austin took a really good QB in Collaros and turned in into a great QB. I'm hoping he can work some of that magic with Matthews in the next 12 days.

Maybe if we go to the football hall of fame and offer up some prayers to the football gods, we may luck out. :cowboy:

I'd be happy with a return of Zach for the playoffs (of course we'll make them) and NO more injuries to our key guys (that would be pretty much everyone who has a chance to return healthy. While all the emphasis is on Zach's injury - not surprisingly - Olsen also went down with a knee (or leg) injury that looked worse as he needed help getting off the field and couldn't put any weight on it. That's a blow to our OL and I'll be surprised if he is back this season. I won't mind being wrong of course :slight_smile:

I'll settle for making Mathews into a "good" QB able to manage the game and put enough points on the board to win. Good as Austin is, he isn't going to work miracles in just a couple of weeks - or even a few. He has after all had more than a year to work with Zach. Much will depend on how much work Mathews puts in without becoming over loaded and how fast he learns from his experiences.

One good thing is, we can expect CJ to make his return vs Calgary this will take a lot of pressure off Jeff

Source? Or wishful thinking? I would be happy with Andy and Bakari returning, especially with Coates getting hurt. I'm not so keen on having either Aprile or Medeiros "starting" at receiver...

On TiCats at Noon today on TSN 1140 radio, Matthew Scianitti said that Bakari(likely), Fantuz and CJ Gable(very possibly)
Could be ready after the bye week! Both Fantuz and Gable are coming off of elbow injuries I believe

THANK YOU! I was at the game when Andy and C.J. both got hurt. I just wish people would post where they got their news, since there have been too many rumours about our injured players. It's something that I will try to do myself.

Maybe Austin will go with a bit of a 2 headed monster at QB.
Matthews as the starter and Masoli as the change of pace guy.