Where was the pass rush on saturday?

Hey guys what happened to our defensive front 7? they got manhandled on almost every play. And the argos Oline aint even that good. Their awesome against the pass but their like 7th or something on the rush. We had NO pressure on Wynn. Our DBs were beaten because Wynn had time to pick us apart. Cotton and Cheatwood were no where near the backfield for the most part. Belli got in theere for a sack but aside from that, pressure was non existant

yeh dude i noticed our d line was no good.. they made wyn feel right at home.. not even the littlest bit of pressure,,

I would like to see Big Joe back in hamilton! :slight_smile:


He Burned His Bridges here in Hamilton..
He Wants to much Money to be a Backup..
He lost a Step IMO

I wouldn't write these guys off after one game. There are many factors as to why the rush was non existent, one of them being that they were in run stopping mode which means the line is more concerned with holding the line, instead of pinning their ears back and firing off the line to get after the q.b.

i have to say joe does bring the quickness off the edge, it is the front 4 we have to question, when you look at the lb core, starting with barrenechea, they are doing a great job, d-line need to step up there game

I don't think the Ticats D-Line played that badly...the Argo O-Line was solidified IMO late last year when they inserted Dave Costa in at right guard along with Jerome Davis starting to feel comfortable in the CFL at RT...this had a lot to do with Canadian RB Johnson having success late in the season IMO.
I thought the Ticat O-Line played well for three quarters and then the big boys at OT started to wear down in the heat and the Argos started to pressure Maas. Randle looks like he weighs about 370 and Cook about 350...too heavy to play a full high level game in the CFL, but they look like they have the talent. Not Travis Claridge talent but pretty good IMO.

now we know.. lol injured!

Bring joe back he is the answer to our pass rush problem now more than ever.

Why do some keep saying we have "pass rush problems"? The only problem right now is Cotton's thumb.

One game is not enough basis for criticism. Particularly when our DEs were forced to keep an eye on Williams so much because of the Argo play-action.

If Montreal is smart they'll do the same thing. If we're smart we'll have made adjustments to recognize it better.