Where was the O.P.P.

I was at home watching the game and I seen people with booze in thier hands and BBQing with smiles on thier faces. So I was wondering why the O.P.P. did not swoop in and arrest everyone for having fun. That is what they do in ottawa, when they had a team and I had season tickets.

That's just one reason it sucks to live in Ottawa.

The OPP??????????????
they don't patrol IWS or in Ottawa, except on the 400 series highways in the region.

I was a season ticket holder in Ottawa too and the only place I ever saw the OPP was on the 417, why would they be at Frank Clair stadium?

But you guys have an NHL team!
And the beer at Corel Centre is $10 for a pint!
That would be about $18 at Copps or IWS.

I was going to let it slide, but yeah, the OPP doesn't have jurisdiction in cities that have their own police forces, such as Ottawa, except on provincial highways, e.g. 416 and 417. Can't remember if Queen Elizabeth Drive along the back of Lansdowne is one of the NCC parkways, which are patrolled by the RCMP. What a fun city it is.

ALL sworn peace officers have jurisdiction over every community they happen to be in at the time.

For instance, a Six Nations Police Officer can pull you over with lights and sirens on and arrest you if he is, let's say, driving in downtown Hamilton for some reason eg: a witness in court......if he suspects you are drinking and driving......or you do a criminal act in front of him....sure, after he secures you, he will get the Hamilton
Police to finish the paperwork and take over the investigation, but point being, don't listen to the many myths surrounding "jurisdiction".....there is no such thing!....a sworn officer is the same across the board no matter where he/she happens to be

Also, as far as a police officer witnessing drinking in a public place, they use their discretionary powers and each occasion is different. Baseball teams routinely have "a few cold ones" in the parking lots after a game. Most police departments turn a blind-eye if things are kept quiet and discreet and there is no mess afterwards.

ps..but "MikeM" is correct, the OPP generally only patrol the highways that surround municipalities who have their own Police Forces......but they still do have policing powers in the ENTIRE province when they need to. Same goes for the RCMP ....they can give you a speeding ticket ANYWHERE in Canada (or nab you for any other offence they see you do) .....downtown Hamilton included.

True. I guess the word I should have used was “patrol”, as in mikem’s post. The point is that the OPP wouldn’t normally be anywhere near Lansdowne when on duty.

My mistake on the OPP, I was just trying to point out how having fun in this province is damn near illegal. I remember 2 guys in thier 60's ,that parked near us and they would have a beer each before entering the game, 2 OTTAWA POLICE OFFICERS swooped in on bikes and search them tore the truck apart and charged them for the open pint. And the people were giving it to the police for being idiots about it.

and if you have been to most NFL stadiums they have huge parking lots and the "tailgating" is part of the tradition, barbecuing, drinking beer in the parking lot. The cops don't go in and stop people from drinking. That is one reason why Bills fans hate to come to Toronto, no big parking lot and you would be arrested for drinking and starting a barbecue. The new parking lot in Ottawa is 5 stories underground so I don't think they will be tolerating tailgating there either.