Where was the last game day thread?

I may have missed it somewhere, but I logged on during work, to quickly check how we were doing vs Calgary early yesterday, and didn't see a game day thread.

In fact, I don't ever recall, since the forums went up that a game day thread wasn't being run.

If this is so, I think it is a bad sign indeed about fan (dis)interest.

I am still a fan, but this losing is disheartening. I hope we go out on a positive note, and really hand Winnipeg a thrashing on the last game of the season.......we need a positive to end our season, that is for sure.

Go Cats!

Willy- I'm very sad to say that the bloom is well off the rose. As you can tell, almost all the regulars that have been with this site for 3+ years have pretty much stopped posting. Traffic is way down here and that's reflected by the lack of passion in the stands.

The team is in pretty difficult straits right now as interest is dropping off at the same time as revenue forecasts have to also be plummeting. It's not pretty.

I've been a 'fan at a distance' before (not as far as you) and it was quite hard then to gauge the feeling surrounding the team. Honestly, to let you know, it's not good. Casual fans are getting thin, and very long-time fans are seriously (not just out of temporary anger) looking at dropping their season's seats. Perhaps it's just that expectations were raised so high when Bob bought the team that the depression resulting from the dismal performance on the field has plunged fan response to the depths that it has.

We still haven't it the 12-14 k range in the stands that I remember from the worst old days but barring a complete turnaround next year I think we may be back to that. If that's the case, then the team may be a goner. It's hard to believe. Part of the problem is that even talking like this may hasten that day.

What's a fan to do?

It's not the depression or anger, it's the apathy. If someone had started an extremely sarcastic, witty game-day thread that would have been good, and a good sign.

The fact that nobody bothered to start it, (or were we all afraid of stepping on someone's toes), is not a good sign.

 I thought somebody might actually  start the thread with a giant  [b]"YAWN".[/b][size=99px]