Where was the blitz???

I don't recall any blitzes or even stacking up the D-line to even show any blitzes in the last game.

I would have thought that a hard rush at Durant would have thrown him off a bit. Even if it opened up the field for a play or two, the potential to alter his mindset and confidence may have been worth it.

I would love to see our D-line and linebackers pin down their ears and go for the jugular a little more often.

Denny Creehan did say that he wanted to change the look of the defence and confuse QB's but I didn't see much of that on Saturday.

There were blitzes.

In fact, Glasper provided pressure that prevented Durant form throwing a good enough pass to a wide open Bowman that was a certain TD.

OK, maybe a few... but I don't recall the line stacking up and showing a certain tidal wave coming.

Actually Durant was making an evening of dumping off the ball to Cates whenever the heat was coming. If we could have covered Cates and put the heat on Durant, sacks may have been the result.

Yes, a few, but Durant was dumping the ball all night and executing short passes.

Those types of plays would kill a blitzing D.

So why don’t we use them when they’re blitzing us?

Well in part because the Riders were getting pressure without a blitz package.

I agree with the blitz theory. We're not doing enough of it. More pressure needs to be applied to opposing QBS. This can be done by keeping an eye open for a safety valve player like Cates, to insure that he can't move too far while the blitz is on.

WE are among the lowest in the league for QB sacks. I really think we need to improve in this area. (Same as last year)

A quarterback under pressure can't play his best game. He's at least, got to know that the threat of a blitz exists.

The Riders did a very good job of picking up the blitz. The thing with the blitz is if you don't get there you give up a big play. In the first game we had a couple shots at Cavillo and he was able to escape the blitz and made big plays. I'd prefer to get pressure with the front 4 and drop out LB's and DB's into coverage. The thing is we have been able to establish that. NML has been a dissappointment thus far. I know he's dealing with a back injury but he was supposed to be our big sack guy. On the upside I'm really impressed with Dickerson he's played well in spot duty.

Actually there was alot of pressure on Durant last game. Not many sacks though.

I think the Cats were blitzing enough. Not really putting on the 4 man front, though. I think the Roughies new they could use the dump pass to prevent the Blitz and we were getting pressure all day on Durant. Just not getting the official sack.

I think if our defense was a little better, we would have seen some all out blitz.

...simple football 101, 3 Dlinemen, blitzing LB's and CB's...how could you miss these last week? :cowboy:

I think the D Line could do stunts sometimes to confuse the opposing offensive lines. Our blitzs are too readable which makes countering them very easy.