Where was Lumsden

Where was Lumsden tonight? How many touches did he have? Did they ever give him the ball other than right up the gut? Why is our OC as stupid as a rock? Where is Obie in all this.? Why won't Casey throw the out pass to Lumsden, he was open all night?
Are we the only ones who see these obvious deficiencies. Oh did I already ask.

In Florida with his wife?

Absentee owner and President too....maybe they are all out on a boat somewhere drinking wine and laughing at it all.

tc"fan", Lumsden was playing pretty well. Did you conveniently forget THAT HE'S COMING OFF AN INJURY???

He didn't look injured to me when he got the ball. And the coaching staff didn't seem worried when they ran him up the gut time and time again, if the guy is in the game then use him properly. if he is still injured than don't use him but if he is in the game then damn well use him properly. Something like how the Argos use Dorsey and every other team uses their top talent.

15 carries for Lumsden, nothing wrong with that.

Owner and President were visible in the tailgate party, took the time for pictures and drinks with the fans, both were also in the stadium shaking hands with fans and talking it up.

Just thought id clarify that.

15 carries, 104 yards. A pretty good day by any standard...

Lumsden 15 carries 104 yds...pretty good..for someone who is playing hurt

I think five of those carries came in one series. "Right up the gut. No wonder why the guy gets injured. Where’s the screen pass. Where’s the pitch to get him to the outside. and into some open field. Why didn’t we have Caulley and Lumsden in the backfield for a double threat.

Yeah what about that last drive? Why didn't Lumsden get the ball instead for the 3rd down gamble???

Cool! Thanks

I'm frustrated that we don't attempt screens or swing passes more frequently.

I was bewildered by the way we abandoned an effective running game in the 3rd quarter.

If Jesse didn't have a huge number of carries, maybe conditioning is a factor: the ankle injury has probably made it difficult for Jesse to stay in peak game shape.

He not a 100% they hand Retape his Ankle Twice.

Again, Lumsden was not the problem and you'd think that 31 points and over 400 yards offence should be good enough to wim most games.

But the defence and special teams coverage were atrocious, especially in the first half.

I just can't figure out why this offence doesn't just do the QB sneak when you need less than a yard. Why hand the ball off behind you?

Bottom line is if you can't make that, then you do not deserve to win.

Kirk: Taaffe said on the radio that they were not going to run the sneak because of Casey's thumb and that being in a hurry up situation they did not want to waste clock on bringing in Williams.... Piercey has got the yard every time they have asked him to do it.

Me too.

I thought for sure, come second half, our running game would grind down their D and just run right over them as the Ti-Cats have done in the past.

Our passing game is lacking big time. When Casey's not being protected, he's got a tunnel-like vision that is complemented by occassional bullet passes that are drilled in such a way they're impossible to catch.

When the game's on the line, YOU DO IT. Just once, come on.

Piercey has got the yard every time they have asked him to do it.
Yeah, we're engaging in 20/20 hindsight when talking about the 3rd and one play, but the QB sneak should be routine in the CFL where the defence lines up a full yard off the ball.
8) That is the question that begs to be answered !!
 Not a peep from him at all during the past month or so.  Strange how it is Mitchell doing all the interviews and radio shows  !!

 When Mitchell is asked a question regarding certain players, he answers that you will have to ask Obie about that  !!!!

 I just find this whole silence thing from Obie a little odd  !!!!

 Maybe his motto is if you can't say anything good about something, then don't say anything at all  !!!             <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Crash it was not a hurry up situation there was an injury on the field so they had more than enough time for richie to come in off the bench to do the sneak

Yeah, and he practically sat out the entire third quarter.