Where Was Knowlton?

i hung around after the game and i heard him say to a bc player (friend) that he was playing hurt.

i don't know when it happened though.

I doubt it would've made a difference.If 11 guys can barely stop him after a 27 yard run, I doubt another man would've done anything.The defense had all the momentum in the world and a deafening crowd behind them and they still blew it wide open.I'm glad they decided to sit and watch OT with the fans instead of playing.They had the best seats in the house for the 2 play BC TD drive.

You sound like nothing more than a sore loser, 15_championship.

And in my book sore losers are at the bottom of the totem pole.

In Drew Edwards blog, he questions how much of a difference it would have made in stopping the Mallet run if Knowlton had been on the field. What first made me wonder if they were playing a man short, is that in the replay, you see that Floyd doesn’t slide towards the play as he usually would for a run. He stays in the middle of the field, towards where Knowlton would have been playing. I wonder if he felt that he had to protect that side more than he would otherwise?

Looked like that to me. I wonder.

CHCH reported that Markeith was injured and never informed the bench that he could not go.

Oh man...that is a tough pill to swallow. Knowlton must feel terrible. So sorry to hear that fans. :frowning:

Kudos to Joe53 for one of the most insightful posts in recent memory. He spotted something critical that the rest of the world seemed to have missed.

Just to switch for a moment to something similar but less depressing ... Remember the last Hamilton-Calgary game when Joffrey Reynolds decided - right in the middle of a play! - that it would be interesting to look up at the big screen to see how things were unfolding? And them Burris' pass sailed right by him, turning a sure first down in the red zone into a field goal situation? I say that takes things to a whole new level compared to a guy who didn't make it onto the field due to injury.

I'm sure nobody feels worse than Markeith, but these things happen. This is not the reason we lost. Even if he wouldn't have gotten that big run they still had another crack at it. It was just one of those days where things didn't go our way. We win as a team and we lose as a team.

Expat, that was absolutely hilarious.

Where do good losers stand on your "totem pole"?

Heard from a good source that he was in using the washroom, the news said he left on a leg injury, either way the coach should have called a time out, or they should have gave BC the ball first in the overtime! That was a key play as it was that side where Knowlton would have been at to cover that man that ran for 20yards. Either way the boys did a GREAT job this year!

your player in OT deciding to not tell his coach that he needs a replacement, and that OT came in the playoffs…that is not as bad of a play as a missed pass by the league MOP in the west? give your head a shake.

I don't know, Jabob7, that replay of Reynolds was pretty funny. He was running, running, ... and then just kind of stopped. And looked up at the screen. It wasn't just a "missed pass". Find me another example in the history of sports and I'll conceded the point.

As reported on Ch. 11 Sports last night, Knowlton apparently came off the field at the end of Regulation time with an injury and went to the bench in pain. He neglected to tell anyone of his situation and intent to sit out, so we fielded only 11 men at the beginning of OT. According to Marcel, this was NOT a major factor in Malletts big run, as it was directed to the side of the field AWAY from Knowltons position. Go figure.
Not to be critical of anyone in particular, but this was just the last of TOO MANY miscues this season, TOO MANY brain cramps. Something , along with other the shortcomings( but not as many as previous seasons ! ), to be addressed off -season. We were good …at last…now we get better.
Way to go, guys…it was fun again !

He was using the washroom there was NO injury, the only reason why they said that was not to look stupied. They should have called a time out like i said above, or at least taken the ball first instead of letting BC take it. This WAS a factor as if you look that is where KNOWLTON what have been on that side of the field, there was no coverage. A major mistake in the coaching staff!

No time outs in OverTime. Your suggestion is less than logical

In hindsight, one of our players on the field could have suddenly been afflicted with a leg cramp. The downside is that player then would have been required to sit out for three plays.

Exactly what I was thinking ... not to pick on Barker, but, this is something that Hitchcock would have noticed and gone down due to an "injury" to stop the play. Anyway, this is a great learning experience, for all of these players and will make them better in the future. I can't wait until next year starts as I see this team being great right out of the gate. Especially if we keep all of the current coaching staff. We'll be in mid-season form at the beginning of the year and pick up some early wins. The difference will be that we won't have a mid-season slump. Next year we'll challenge Montreal for 1st in the east.

Could not have said it any better wlanders. Oskee WeeWee! Cats made me so proud this year, I went to alot of pratices the last couple of months, and i must say there a great bunch of guys and work hard every miniute in practice!

Or, somebody goes offside, making contact with the o-line to force a whistle. You lose 5 yards but you don't lose a key player for 3 plays. The fans would be pissed, not realized why you did it, but it's better than giving up 27 yards on one play.

Haven't seen anything definitive on the subject of why we had only 11 men in OT. I only heard Knowlton was injured, but why no replacement?. Just curious now. Does anyone know the true facts?