Where Was Knowlton?

This was an exciting game. It was great to be there in person and witness the atmosphere.

I know that everyone is saying the season ending goodbyes and thank-you's to the team. It was a good season, and I'm already looking forward to next year..but I have a question about the game we just watched.

I noticed something odd about the Mallet run in OT. Did anyone else notice that there were only 11 guys on the field for the Ticats for that play? I watched it on my PVR when I got home, and I don't see Knowlton on the field for that play and only count 11 guys. Anyway, just thought that was an odd mistake.

Joe is that you? haha

On the 5th quarter, Floyd was asked what happened on that play. He said they'd have to go look at the film to figure it out, but he speculated that they might have been a man short.

Wow! Unbelievable!! Gotta check that out, soon as Mrs. ottawacat gives up the PVR.

OT in a playoff game you needed to win cant have mistakes like this. Didn’t notice it when i was there but now I am Very confused…

Just watched the OT in TSN VOD, I could only count 11 defenders. Unless I missed one, that would be unbelievable. Why not call time out? Another reason why I feel we lost because of coaching.

I thought about that...I don't know if you get any time outs in OT?

Do you really think it is the coaches' job to remind each player on the starting defence that they should get out on the field when we're playing defence?

No team time-outs in O.T.

Players responsibility all the way to now when your on or off the field ... :thup:

I didn't noticed that. If that's true, that would definately have been a huge mistake by such a great player, and to an extent explains that huge run. Oh well, no point in getting all upset about it now.

It happens. Life goes on. All in all, it was still a great effort. The one thing that I can say is that you can definitely see where playoff experience plays a role. Most of the guys on our team haven't been in a playoff game. Rookie mistakes. Next year will be much better.

Maybe he was in a boat fishing after we tied it up.

This is a shame. A lot of little things went wrong in this game that build up to the loss, this is just another. If a few plays went differently, I can't help but think we would have won. A dissappointing way to lose after having what was a promising season.


That single point on the punt actually looms pretty large, but so do so many other things. It just didn't happen. Maybe nerves got the best of some of these guys, but they never gave up and they played their hearts out. I can't ask for any more than that.

I personally don't think the single point matters at all. If they didnt get the single we most defiantly would've just kicked the convert to tie it up instead of going for to. It sucks that we lose by too few of men on the field but it happens hopefully next season we are better.

Just thinking is it possible that he may have injured himself towards the end of the game, and with all the pressure of the moment there was a communication breakdown. I just cant see a player of his experience just forget to hit the field for the
most important play of the year. Regardless of what happened it was a great game to bad we lost but I see a bright future for this team.


Read it and weep. What could have been lost due to ...... disorganization

There were times yesterday when the defence played like they only had 11 guys on the field ... see Geoff Tisdale.

How about the first missed FG in a few weeks and having it run out of the endzone to save the single, just before the half?
On the Where Was Knowlton subject; has anyone learned anything further related to the likely true report that disappeared from this thread earlier today?

Marcel has confirmed that on Mallett's long run to start OT, we were playing one guy short.......OUCH!!!