Where Was Jykine Bradley?

Just playing devil's advocate here...

I didn't see Jykine Bradley on the sidelines last night. He must be a "me" player. It's all about him. If he's not going to play then he's not going to watch. What a selfish player.

P.S. This thread is total nonsense :twisted:

:)) True! All we need is Waldo as a Cat and the "where is" industry here will EXPLODE. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

What are you trying to do, start trouble...

I saw him lying in a tub of ice at concessions level, handing ice cold beer to the concessions staff. Later, I saw him guarding the confiscated non-collapsible umbrellas (umbrelli?).

Selfish my rear.

bradley was on the sidelines along with jesse and other practice roster players

Notabengal....sounds like you're a s..t disturber.
Bradley is the ultimate team player. He should be back next game.
Seems even when we play a awesome game, the chronic trouble makers still come out. :cowboy:

He had a concussion from the Tucker hit, I think.

I'm still trying to find action Jackson.

Also where was Toni Miles? I didn't see him on the sidelines.

Sarcasm Alert!

Sarcasm Alert!

Sarcasm Alert!