JOJO was not dressed. He did not play. The CATS dressed Rempel as a back up Canadian receiver. Its a very simple import/non import roster decision. If the team wanted Walker to dress than another import had to sit.

GBONDS, if you carefully read what I've written, you won't find me saying Cohen is a better receiver. It's just obvious that the teams current coaching staff and GM, favour tall receivers. Someone suggested height discrimintation was at work, and all I did was confirm something the coaches and GM have spoken about, they like tall receivers. Cohen has not shown much in the 2-3 games he's played. of course he's still new, and I can only assume that in practice he's shown potential. I suspect (this is speculation) that the CATS feel like they know what they have in Walker, and they're looking to see if they can upgrade the position. For the hundredth time (or it seems like it), I actually like JOJO. He's a gutsy little player that gives 110%, and tough as nails. He's taken some monster hits and most often held onto the ball. A decent possesion receiver, built for the slot, and undersized. It is factual that he's been caught up in the import/non-import discussion. Many people can't seem to get a handle on how that works, but like it or not it is part of the CFL game. One final fact; Walker hasn't been able to crack the gameday lineup on the perpetual last place team in this league. I don't see any ALL STAR nominations coming his way anytime soon. As for putting me in my place, perhaps you should gain a little perspective on life. You come off sounding very childish when you say things like that.

not cracking the cats lineup dossnt mean anything. our coaches wouldnt know wut to do with an all star player. there are players on almost every team that couldnt make the cats but are doing great on there new teams.

JoJo is not being benched because of this import ratio problem, he is just down right getting screwed over, by a coaching staff who clearly can not evaluate talent.

Also by calling JoJo undersized and built for the slot. You not recognizing that Cohen is only 2 inches taller and plays the wide out position with another player in Pat Woodcock who is 5'9" as well. It is clearly not JoJo's size that is not allowing him to start.

You have proven absolutely nothing and you are the only person wasting your time arguing with me. Everyone on this forum except you has questioned "why is JoJo not starting" and for some reason you feel it is your duty to try and come up with your lame explanations on why he is not playing and you have proved absolutely nothing to answer the question of why he is not starting.

Your only "fact" you have been trying to make is that our coaches are looking to start taller players when Cohen, Miles, and Woodcock who were all listed as starters for the past 2 weeks are small.

The ONLY real possible insight to all our questions has been suggested earlier, and that is "maybe he pi$$ed off the wrong guy?" BUT that has also been answered by someone closer to JoJo than anyone of us will ever be.

cmw1612 answered that "He is not the type of person to pi$$ a coach of by words or attitude. So that alone shouldn't be brought up. And the person you guys think sat JoJo wasn't that person at all."

So with that being said I will listen to someone like cmw over anyone where about this whole situation because he actually knows what is going on behind the scenes. It is pretty funny talking with cmw about all the fans who "know" what is going on and why it is when really they have no idea how far away from the truth they really are.

novascotiakid, I guess I am childish for proving every "fact" you have stated to be irrelevant and further proving that you are just where to annoy anyone who wants answers to why JoJo(our most reliable receiver) is not in the starting lineup.

Thanks for coming out!

From your everyday childish Tiger-Cat fan. LOL :roll:

"You have proven absolutely nothing and you are the only person wasting your time arguing with me. Everyone on this forum except you has questioned "why is JoJo not starting"

HAHAHAHAHA...95% of the people on this forum couldn't care less if Walker is playing. Now poor JOJO is being screwed by the coaches. We'll he can easily ask for his release and go try out somewhere else. "Fact" is this is the only pro football franchise even willing to give the guy a shot. Maybe he'll get another chance, maybe he won't. But based on his performance its really no big deal anyway. Stickin with the facts Gbonds...undersized, possession receiver, almost certainly going to be unemployed real soon...But thanks for the laugh....

Jojo may not be a great receiver, but he does his job, makes the catches, the blocks and plays with heart. I would take him over any other receiver on this roster for his heart alone. He will stick with this team for a few years, players that give their all usually do.

I'm glad I make you laugh, because we(my self and cmw) have been laughing at you since your first post and you still come through with another post continuing your streak! Great job and your something this team is definitely not and that is... Consistent!

People here could care less about JoJo starting?

That's why a handful of topics have all asked why he is not starting. Also none of these topics have been started by myself of cmw so apparently the fans do care why he is sitting on the bench.

Since you want to use some percentages let my give you one of my own... 99% of the the members on this board DO NOT share your opinion on this topic. Don't you find it funny that you are the ONLY one arguing...

You know why we are the only team giving JoJo a chance... BECAUSE WE SIGNED HIM AS A ROOKIE TO A 2 YEAR CONTRACT AND HE HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THEN!!!!

Do you ever think about what you are writing before you post things like that?? How can a player receive any other interest when he has been under contract with us? Now that is worth a LAUGH!

Now whether or not you like JoJo doesn't change the "fact" he has been our most reliable receiver. This whole time you have been debating with us about why JoJo is on the bench is not even worth wasting yours and our time by trying to give your opinion on the situation.

As fans of this (recently)horrible team, don't you ask your self like the other 99% of this fan base... WHY is a player who has produced every chance he has gotten, getting benched without any explanation what so ever. Then the team decides to start a player who has produced barely anything? Does this sound just a little sketchy to you??

The only thing sketchy here is your obsession with an issue that has zip to do with the teams performance this year. But keep pounding away on the keyboard. Obviously you have some anger issues that need an outlet somewhere. as for Walker being the teams Best receiver...is there no limit to your humour? Laughing even harder. We couldn't trade Walker for a waterboy...

Thank YOU Chris!

Now here is an example of another fan who realizes what I have seen in JoJo since day 1!

Also JoJo may not be great...yet, but if this team shows him a little respect and plays him more we could have another Archie Amerson or DJ Flick on our hands.

If the team shows him the respect we gave DJ or Peterson here we might witness another player moving to another team and then becoming a great receiver.

Your ability to read astonishes me. NOT once have I said JoJo is our best receiver. I have said he is our MOST RELIABLE!

I don't have any issues with anger I just can't stand fans like yourself who are always looking for an argument even if they have nothing actually smart or relevant to say.

A have never once gotten mad at you, but I will admit have more than once laughed at your posts for sounding so ridiculous and pointless.

Also I love how whenever you come up with what you believe is a clever "fact" and I prove it to be wrong and you just move onto another useless "fact" it is quite funny and I don't mind proving you wrong hence the "putting you in your place" comment that you said I was childish for writing.

How is my "obsession" with a favourite player sketchy? Are you implying something other than being just a fan...

Get a life Gbonds...

jojo earned his shot.pure and simple.not the time to play eddie cohen,
i guess archie amerson was too short too.lol

Archie took advantage of his opportunities…enough said…

jojo’s last game warranted another start.he was being a playmaker

SO HAS JOJO! "enough said"

I find it funny how Archie "took advantage of his opportunities" but JoJo is just too small LOL!!!!!

Also apparently I have to "get a life" when you are matching me post for post on this same topic.

Gotta love little kids... when losing a debate you always have to throw out the personal attacks. :thup:

emms1, both your posts, you dead on!

I spoke to Pat Woodcock after the game…he said he got hurt earlier in the week and was only dressed in case of an “Emergency”.

I was wondering why, he was dressed but only stood on the sideline with a baseball cap on.

Thanks for that info woody.

Can someone please explain why a spot on the active roster was reserved for Pat Woodcock when the Cats could/should have put an able-bodied person in?


If it was ratio related, why not make the changes so that another receiver could be put in?

From the games I've seen, JoJo deserves to play on the starting unit and I also agree with the comments made by Chris101, CMW, and GBonds pertaining to JoJo's skills :thup:

Thanks for the kind words, winched

As of right now I am less concerned about all our receiver decisions when I am trying to figure out what the Fudge! Obie is thinking trading Zeke Moreno for Tom Canada(Who doesn't wanna come to Hamilton)