I cannot figure this coaching staff out they bring in the rookie # 81 Remple who on one play almost took out his own player on a crisscross when you have an experienced Jo JO walker and don't even use him WHERE ARE YOU JO JO

He's likely wondering what the brain trust is thinking in not playing him. After the effort he put out lately, being a healthy scratch two games in a row is a complete joke. It's no wonder this team can't win a game, and can't keep it's fans.

I haven't missed a game since 2004 and it's gotten to the point where I don't even want to be there anymore, since I can't even figure out what our front office/coaching staff is thinking.

You do understand the import/non import reality in the CFL, right?

What happened between the posting of the depth chart and the beginning of the game that required rempel to be in the game for almost every single down? Pray tell.

Edit: we also could have done without Cohen and and Dropsy 89. Why Rodriguez (perhaps injury?) and JoJo didn’t start yesterday is mind boggling.

More importantly where was Woodcock???

thank you!

what the hell did woodcock do to lose his job to rempel? i didnt see woodcock on the field once yesterday.

and please dont get me started on jo jo. it is a complete joke the mitchell and cohen are starting and he isnt even dressed. those 2 have done nothing all year and wouldnt even be able ta make most teams practise rosters.

The depth chart showed Walker as a back up wide out. Four players from the posted depth chart site every week. It was obvious that he wouldn't be playing.

I'm certain that I read in the Spectator that Jo Jo Walker would play in place of Tre Smith.
LO and behold,, neither player gets into the game.

Of course, as fans, we have to realize that the fact that these player couldn't play in this game is the least of our problems.

The problems with this team starts with line play and defensive secondary. We can and should do something about this and next season, we should definitely do something about our coaching problems.

Danny Maccioccia is a good CANADIAN head coach who is doing a great job at steering the Edmonton ship. We had a good CANADIAN coach in our back pockets and let him get away because he was inadequately supplied with financing and talented playing personnel.

Too bad. . .I hope that Mitchell and Young opt for another CANADIAN head coach in 2009, but this time, insure that he has the necessary means to field a winner.

I could not agree more, both lines are terrible, secondary probably worst in the league. Our secondary does not even know how to tackle.

I don't know what else this guy has to do to crack the starting line-up. Maybe it's height discrimination.

Height is a big factor for JoJo. We have one small slot reciever in Tony Miles. Look at the catches that Bowman made yesterday. Height counts... That's football...

Kid I can always count on you for a good laugh…

Maybe you should get out there and show us what you have. Im sure you cant take the slack from Miles, Walker, or the worst of the WR’s for that matter…

But I’m sure you being CANADIAN you will get a crack at playing lol.

By the way there are 3 Wr's on this team that stand at 5'9. All of which have skillz to play.

So that height crap will not be used as a handicap with them or me.

No need to make it personal. Simply stating the facts. But your anti Canadian rants are getting a little tiresome. Somebody needs to admit they are much too personally involved here. I've said a number of times that JOJO plays hard, takes hits and gives it what he has. Doesn't change the facts...something you can't seem to accept...

Bauman... 6' 4"
Mitchell... 6' 3"
Rodriguez... 6'5"
Cohen... 5' 11"
Miles... 5' 9"

The starting lineups for the last many games have only one wideout 5'9". On this roster, the team is using its imports elsewhere (kicker for one). I know its a difficult concept for some people, but the team has clearly decided (up until now) not to have a back up import receiver dress. And likewise, like it or not, they have decided that size counts. The coaches may all be idiots (many think so). But rather that get angry at me and insulting Canadians, why don't you and JoJo walk into Charlie's office and tell him he's an idiot, or challenge him to a fight. Get a grip...One thing for sure...you're rants are not making it any easier for JOJO.

There you go again..Thanks for the laugh.
For the record thats not a rant, no need to rant or waste my time ranting over something I cant change. And the anti CANADIAN thing isnt true. Just thought it was funny. What point would it have to challenge a coach to a fight. Thats something I'll leave up to the fans of the ticats.

And yes its very personal when you dont state the facts on things dealing with #77.

Im done wasting my time going back and forth with you kid..


Feelings mutual...But I will keep stating the facts...

Back to the point of debate: why was rempel 2nd on the depth chart and in almost every down when we had JoJo in the game. This is a guy that couldn't stick with any other CFL team, and couldn't even stick with us THE FIRST TIME. Terrible personnel decisions cost us again!

Stating the facts?... all you have done is say height counts and then listed our receivers, and you call that stating facts?

Well let me once again put you in your place just like the last topic on this subject...

Let me state some of your kind of facts...

Tony Miles - 5'9", 26 catches for 290
Pat Woodcock - 5'9", 14 catches for 286
JoJo Walker - 5'9", 18 catches for 262
Eddie Cohen - 5'11", 10 catches for 103

By the way the BOLD = actual facts.

I guess Eddie Cohen's whopping 2" height advantage gives him the start when height matters right? Its too bad that 2 extra inches couldn't put up any more yards or create separation and get open eh.

Ratio problems or not there is no way Eddie Cohen should start over JoJo Walker hands down.

Let me list some real facts here...

Better Receiver

JoJo Walker - 18 catches, 262yards, 14.6 average, longest 42yards.
Eddie Cohen - 10 catches, 103yards, 10.3 average, longest 18yards.

Better Punt Returner

JoJo Walker - 4 returns, 49yards, 12.3 average, longest 24yards.
Eddie Cohen - 3 returns, 9yards, 3.0 average, longest 10yards.

Better Kick Returner

JoJo Walker - 8 returns, 178yards, 22.3, average, longest 34yards.
Eddie Cohen - 3 returns, 70yards, 23.3, average, longest 26yards.

So who would you rather start...