Where Was Greg Ellingson??

Pretty much, unless he arrives in Canada when he starts university, lives here almost full time during his four (five?) years of school, and applies for and receives his Canadian citizenship before signing his first CFL contract.

So you are correct, we will not see a player with absolutely no ties to Canada being deemed a national / non-import player again.

That's how it appears to read but it doesn't really make any sense. It would then be a disadvantage to dress more than the minimum 21 non-imports. There must be a provision in there that if you dress more than 21 non-imports then you declare one less DI. I'd love to know the real answer to that one.

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That's right. If Josh Bartel came into the league now he would be considered an International.

8) OK, "ottawacat", I get it now. I must have been half asleep not to catch on to your comment, at the time. Good one.
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As I read it teams can dress 4 designated internationals and up to 16 other internationals, as well as up to three QBs with none counting against the international limit. They can then dress whatever number of nationals to a maximum of 44 players on the game day roster.

For example, possible combinations:
3 QBs 2QBs
4 DIs 4 DIs
16 Inters 15 Inters
21 Nats 23 Nats

The latter example could result because of injuries or positional need.

Continuing with the off-topic....

The old CBA stated in the summary that there would be three DIs, but then later stated that the number of DIs were reduced when fewer imports were dressed. While I haven't seen the text of the new CBA, I'm assuming it's worded the same way. Basically, the number of DIs (Designated International?) is the number of internationals minus 16, the maximum number of starting internationals.

The point is that you have to dress a min of 21 Canadians and start a minimum of seven. You can dress more Canadians if you want and`most teams start more than the minimum 7 Canadians anyway.
So to get back to the point yeas Aprille could have replaced Elligson on the 44 Roster.