Where Was Greg Ellingson??

Lost in the debacle at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday night was what became of SB Greg Ellingson? Although listed as a player on the 44-man game day roster Ellingson never saw the field (unless I missed something) and I never saw him standing on the sidelines at any point during the game either. Did he even dress? Did the 'Cats play the game down a player? Not that it mattered anyways, but the 'Cats were playing without two of their best receivers in Fantuz and Ellingson.

reportedly Ellingson had been practicing all week preceding yesterday's game and was thought to be ready for the opener although did not play for reasons unstated by the coach.

perhaps Austin did not feel he was healthy enough to return and that the quad injury suffered last season is more problematic than anticipated hence why he did not play in either pre-season game

I really wish that TSN would have said something about this. Did they not notice that a guy listed number one on the depth chart hadn't seen the field? Or was Rod Black too busy talking about Josh Bartel being from Australia?

8) Yep, Black was much too busy expressing his ultimate love for the city of Regina, and his unabashed man love for each
  and every Rider  player !!!!   <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

mightypope and tangleweb: Thanks for bringing up Ellingson. I too was wondering where he was.

gocatsgo! and Tipper: Are you aware that Luke is the son of Steve?

Also where were Bakari Grant, CJ Gable, Cary Koch, Sam Giguere, Greg Wojt, Joel Figueroa, Frederic Plesius And Zack Collaros..I didnt see any of them playing yesterday.

I know this is off topic and there are multiple threads on Rod Black but he was absolutely awful.

He has no more than a superficial understanding of the game and in a decade covering the CFL has taken no initiative to develop a more in-depth understanding and intuition for the game's rules and history.

He cited the Alouettes championship run in 09-10 as being the first back to back since 1982 (So much for the 96 & 97 Argos).

He cited Hamilton's return game woes as stretching back to the departure of Marcus Thigpen (so much for Chris Williams).

He routinely goes ape-$%^& for plays on which there are obvious flags nullifying the result. He has no knack for speculating what the call may be and often incorrectly calls the penalty before the referee makes the proper call. Demonstrates no real understanding in the difference between illegal contact and pass interference, offside and illegal procedure and so on.

At one point he referred to a Saskatchewan player as being in "early season form" meaning that to be a compliment. What he meant I suppose was "mid-season form".. lol

Ok Where was Greg Ellingson?

Totally with you on Rod Black.. favourite part of yesterday was him screaming something like "no way, not even close" on a lefevour 3rd down gamble and then seeing the ref signal first down.

Okay, that's all fine and dandy but if they knew he wasn't going to be able to play then why not make him one of the two scratches for the game? A healthy Giovanni Aprile could have taken his spot on the game day roster.

Oh my.. its like listening to a child who just sort of figured out how football works and is watching his/her 3rd game..

On topic: Where was Ellingson??

oh ya Ellingson. That guy’s situation is weird same thing last year. never heard anything about his injury what it was or anything always just read on Drew Edwards blog Ellingson not practicing, then he either plays somehow or doesnt and nothing is really mentioned either way.

8) I don't believe that I even mentioned Luke Tasker in my post.
 Yes, I am aware who his father is, by the way !!!

Interesting that Ellingson wasn't one of the 2 scratches,as far as I know team's have until an hour until kick-off to hand in their 44 man rosters.The only scenario that would explain this would be that Austin had already handed in and committed to his game day and that Ellingson somehow pulled up lame after this had occurred and it was to late to make any adjustments by then.The two pre game scratches were Aprile and Torrey Davis.Austin would have to have scratched another Canadian in order to get Aprile in the line up to replace Ellingson to keep the ratio intact,he could've activated Davis though,who might have helped plug up all the holes in the middle of the defence maybe......or maybe not,outside of the rookie Hall the interior of the line I'm guessing must have missed the plane to Saskatchewan.Bulcke,Laurent and Hazime looking squarely in your direction. :oops:

No he wouldn't. Austin could have chose to sit out two imports if he wanted to.

I always thought that the game day restrictions were 3 QB's/21 Cdns/20 Imp ? or did they change it to a minimum of 21 Cdns on the gameday,but no more than 20 imp this year after going from a 42 game to a 44 game in the contract this year?.If this is the case then you are saying that Austin could have gone with a 44 man consisting of 3 QB/23 CDN/18 Imp.The only problem with this set up would have been only having 14 starting Imp which would've forced Austin to start 9 Cdns on both sides of the ball.The offensive starters would have been:Giguere,Wojt,Mydelleton,O'Neill which would have had Austin having to start Steven on the Defence along with Bulcke,Laurent,Plesius and Butler.The 4 DI spots would've been Medlock,Madu,Hall and Rogers

Here are all the new rules regarding the ratio:


I asked Drew via Twitter as far as where was Ellingson. His reply: “He’s a backup to Tasker. Not sure he’s 100 per cent yet.”

As I thought,thanks m-pope :thup: So technically you could dress as many Canadians as you like,with the minimum set at 21,but no more than 20 imports which is the max allowed per game day 44 man roster.Also regardless of how many imports you dress per game,4 still have to have the DI designation assigned to them before game time kick off.

Tipper, it was just a, perhaps poor, attempt to speak Rod Black-ish to you and gocatsgo! It seems to me that Black rarely, if ever, says the name of any CFL player who has an NFL past, or a relation with an NFL past, without mentioning the connection to the big league.

The 3 "classifications for National players" would appear to make it impossible now for a new foreign player to come into the league and play as a National, as was the case with Josh Bartel and others. Am I right on this?