Where was Gibbs & why all the DBback changes ???

I really liked the play of Gibbs last week, although he did have a couple of penalties. We signed Baggs but I thought Gibbs was faster & more tenacious, sort of reminded me of Garrett. I thought our DB's played pretty well last week even with injuries. We sign Bo Smith & everybody seems lost on coverages. Does our coaching staff have trouble with evaluation of talent I would say Yes !


It's worth noting that in a five year career Baggs had one good one - last year playing with John Chick. Gibbs did look impressive last week. Hopefully we haven't made another free agent mistake ala Printers, Keith.

The Secondary has taken a step backwards the last two games. Printers and Durant torched us on second and long, scrambling even.

In a five year career Baggs got 1 year to start... And look what he did with it.In 1 game he owned Wes Cates in the backfield on a play, assisted in a couple other's and got a beautiful sack/strip which was recovered by us.Our whole D sucked yesterday, it's not just his fault.And we were playing an OL 10x as good as the one in BC.

It is also worth noting that last season was the first season that Baggs had significant playing time. He looked pretty good last night. Nothing Earth-shattering, and I know it's only one game, but if that is a taste of things to come, I think the trend of horrible signings following NFL cuts might have been reversed.

Agreed! I think Baggs is a great acquisition and if he gets the right kind of co operation from his fellow D linemen,
he'll get even better than what we witnessed last night. Albeit, he played well last night too! :thup:

BC: Printers 1693, Lulay 1015, Jackson 293 - Total 3001 yards passing
Saskatchewan: Durant 3845 yards passing

Think who we were playing against might have had something to do with the difference? Saskatchewan has a tendency to make every team's secondary look bad.