Where was Casey?

Congrats Ticats!!! Awesome display of TOTAL team dominance.
One question? Where was Casey Printers? Saw Tony Miles and Jesse Lumsden on the sidelines cheering on their teammates but no Casey. Did I miss him on the telecast? Was he in the warm confines of the press box? Was he the difference in scouting versus given advice on the sidelines???

I didn't see him either? WTF??

Hats off to Williams... This kid is a gamer and has serious swagger about him... I like him. :thup:

What I like the most about Williams is that he gets it. No drama no highjinks no pointing fingers just plain old football. Obviously a team player. Not a prima dona.

Asked the same question in the Casey Printers week 7 thread. Is he a team player or not? :roll:

Team player or self player? ???

KP is on his way to BC to hang out with Smith and not watch football at all this week. If they aint playing, it just doesnt matter. Its all about them

Harleydog, get off the board with this non-sense. Stop trying to start trouble where there is none. Printers is not a self player, but a team player being coached by the same coach as Williams. He's behind his team mates and has done a good job. Or have you not watched the game. I guess he can throw the ball, run the ball, block and catch. You don't get it dude. We won, GREAT against a team that is in the bottom of the league.....YEAH...we really showed them how tough we are...

Team player or self player? ???
Self-Player...always has been.

Give it a shake . We seem to have 2 good QBs and what`s wrong with that ??

How many self players throw for 5,000 yards and win the MOP ???

How many self players throw for 5,000 yards and win the MOP ???
probably a lot.

Well football did you see any players in BC quit on a self player ???????????????????

Give it a shake . We seem to have 2 good QBs and what`s wrong with that ??
Absolutley nothing wrong with that....

It's the first time we have had 2 good QB's that are both starting material, in many...many years.

Playmaker, this thread is not questioning Casey's past achievements or his inherent ability. We are wondering why he was not on the sidelines supporting his teammates like Jesse and Tony were?

You guys are pathetic!

Casey Printers was with Marcel Bellefeuille up in the press boxes like he was last game. He also mentioned this in the Casey Printers show Monday. You guys have to relax seriously we win and there are still negative members on here... GROW UP!

He was probably in the press box like he was last game !!!

Great Post!! I say Get off Casey's case and enjoy the win. I would take either QB and be happy with whoever gets the start.

Yes, Ive said all along we have 2 good quarterbacks on our team. Actually we have great depth at QB. Printers or Williams could be starters on a lot of teams. Its a good feeling. Let`s enjoy this!!

I figured he was in the press box.

How people jump all over others making all sorts of assumptions never ceases to amuse me.

How many times has it been mentioned on this site how valuable it would be for Printers to sit and watch the game.

Well apparently he did exactly that and yet people accuse him of this and that, based on absolutely nothing but ignorance and neagtive thinking.

John Salavantis said on the radio broadcast

Marcel had Casey upstairs with him to observe his play calling
and to explain why certain plays are called in certain situations

to help Casey get a better understanding of his Offence.

That is actually really good for Casey, he will become more comfortable with Marcel Bellefeuille and this will result in more confidence and a better ran offense.