Where to watch the WF?

Hello cat fans, congratulations on the dominant season! Blue bleeder here, very much hoping we see you again in the GC! You crushed us twice so far, hoping we get another chance!

So I’ll be taking my father to the EF on Sunday. First time for us in the donut box, first time at a Ticats game. We’re stoked, but of course, this means we need a place to watch the WF after what I assume will be a dominate Ticats performance.

Where is the best place to take in the Bomber Rider game in Hamilton?!

(Preferably close to the stadium.)


The Endzone Bar and Grill is likely the closest to the Stadium.

I’d think that is your closest option.

Buffalo Wild Wings at the bottom of Centennial Parkway is also probably a good option.

If you want an option closer to where your staying, let us know, and maybe we can find a location closer to where you are staying.


Thank you! Appreciate the response.

In order, our priorities are:

  • best authentic CFL energy/atmosphere
  • proximity to stadium

Would love to find somewhere where everyone us equally as into it as we are.

Does that change the recommendations?

Thanks again!

Please don’t call it the donut box. I’m begging you!

I think The Endzone Bar and Grill would be your best bet.

BUT, I do think that after the Ti-Cat game there will be fans looking to party in various locations…not sure whether or not that’ll be the place.

If you want something a little more “known” there’s also a Boston Pizza on Barton St you can look up on google.

Or you could just invite yourself into one of the homes of the friendly people surrounding the stadium (especially the ones adorned with TiCat or Stipley flags, and other football-related doodads!).Of course, if you paid top dollar for close-stadium parking, I think they owe it to you!8)

In Hamilton/Gameday for us there will not be a lot of bar traffic heading out specifically to watch the Western Final.

Most establishments will probably even be displaying NFL on most of their TVs. Us CFL fans are generally a minority compared to the other major sports available especially on NFL Sundays.

If it was a Hamilton game being available that is a different story.

That is my fear as well.

But I’m quite sure any bar who values their dollars could get a tv on the Grey Cup game.

Our group will be heading back home to have a little get-together, which I’m sure is what most people will be doing.

Walk in to a place with multiple TVs, endzone or Boston Pizza/Buffalo WW. Check if it’s on, politely ask if they can put it on one TV.

Never had a problem. I’ve even had curling on in bars with leafs games on.

We went to the Eastgate Square Jack Astor’s after a game in the summer and there were other Ti-Cat fans in there having some beers and grub. ;D

The Endzone would probably be one of your best bets but it will be packed with Ticat fans coming back on the buses after the Eastern Final. However, no matter where you go, the NFL games (with lots of NFL fans around) will be dominating the establishments TV screens. For sure there will be no CFL energy/atmosphere anywhere!!! The last time I went to the Endzone after a Ticat game it was on a Saturday and they had U.S. college football plus other sports on all of their TV’s. I asked our server if she could put on the CFL game involving two western teams and she was happy to comply although it was on one of the smaller screens in the corner. Good luck and I hope you are not disappointed. I would suggest that you go back to your hotel room to watch the game to be honest.

come on, the Endzone will be better than his hotel room!!

that’s for sure!

I’m lobbying for a law against calling it that, punishable by dea… or, well dea…

Touchdowwwwwn Tiiiiiiiiiiiigertowwwwwwn!
OMG I’m sick of hearing that too.

A strange thought (yes, another one!) entered my head.

Does anyone remember when Sunday was the day of rest and only at booze cans could you get an alcoholic beverage?

Now, it’s possible to get your fill on Sunday at the park.

Expansion! Gotta luv it!

Geez, I remember when they first allowed alcohol to be served on Sundays (think it was in the '80’s) that you had to purchase food if you wanted a drink. Had lots of beers with a bag of potato chips.

I remember going into Duffys on a Saturday night, and the “food? was a cheese sandwich, wrapped in cellophane. I don’t recall ever eating it, or even if they charged for it if you didn’t. Come a long way?

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond! Here’s how it went down last Sunday.

We started at Endzone, but it was way too NFL and they didn’t have any interest in keeping the CFL Playoff Finals on their big screens. Apparently, a meaningless week 11 match between the Eagles and Patriots was more important?

So, we left and went to a brilliant dive bar called Prime Time Sports. They had the WF playing on several of theirTVs, and kept the audio on the main bar pa the entire time.

They served us a great beef stew, and had great deals on drinks! All in all, it ended up being a perfect place to watch a highly entertaining game… and that finish was ridiculous!

Good luck Ticats. Happy one of the droughts will be ending on Sunday. Wanted to leave you with this though, food for thought!

“The two previous longest Grey Cup droughts in Bombers history were ended with victories over the Ticats. The club ended a 17-year drought in 1958 with a 35-28 win over the Ticats and the 1984 victory over Hamilton ended a 22-year absence.”

Eat it raw! :wink:

Thanks for the update.

I’ve never been to Prime Time, but glad to hear a first hand account of their service!

Often the smallest dive bars are the best ones to get great service from.

glad you had a good time!

Oh groan.


Double groan.


Even in Hamilton!



Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill on Kenilworth Avenue North you say? Thanks for the recommendation!