Where to watch the ESKS win!

My wife and i are HUGE Cfl fans and are planning a trip to see the Eskimos play in another city other than in Edmonton or Calgary.We would love to have some input from other fans on which city to visit.Your thoughts could sway our vote!

Try somewhere you haven't been yet, makes a good excuse to go.

Go to Vancouver theres lots to do outside of the game. Stanely Park, the Aquarium, Granville Island, shopping downtown and all the restaraunts and bars etc. Vans always a good time.

Take out a loan before going West. If your going for a football experience, forget B.C. go to Regina, even if the game is dull, the fans will make up for it.

I wouldn't go to Regina, cause unfortunately your Esks Won't Win there.

Go to Montreal. I have traveled there for Rider games, and NHL (93 cup final game 5 riot) and think it is one of the world's most interesting cities.

If he wants to watch the Esks WIN, the most likely places to go are Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg... :wink:

No matter where you follow the Eskimo's, you cannot guarantee a winning or losing experience. Since your criteria is that you don't want an Alberta city and you are avid CFL fans, then trust me the greatest CFL experience is Regina, no place else comes close. If you want a cultural experience outside of football, I would suggest you go to any city not on the prairies.

Here Sambo, I edited your post for accuracy! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

watch esks win... espn classic is about the only place you can see them win now a days

TSN. Then you can roll over and go to bed when the game is done.

If you want to travel, come to Hamilton. Best stadium in the league to watch the game. Lots of things to do in the Golden Horseshoe!