Where to Watch our Victory

So for those of us not fortunate enough to make it to Regina this year, are there any local official or “unofficial” bars or restaurants hosting a Grey Cup party this Sunday?


Yes, I too would be very curious to know about official and unofficial Grey Cup parties! It would be fun to watch the game with a hundred screaming fans at a bar. Please let the fans know if anything 'official' is being planned so we know whether to plan 'unofficial events' or not.

Buffalo Wild Wings. 524 Centennial Parkway, The official away game party place. 52 large screen TV's and a great view from any seat.

Well Buffalo Wild Wings is also located on Golflinks Rd in Ancaster........ fantastic place!! All the Bells and Whistles for the game too!!!

So I assume Buffalo Wild Wing will not be taking reservations and am also assuming we would have to be there a couple hours before the game to secure a table for 4 to 6?

I cannot wait to watch this game!!! I would love to watch it with a ton of other fans rather than at home alone!

Called the Stoney Creek location and they indicated they are NOT taking reservations for Sunday. I would assume that's across the board so ya, see you by 4pm. Now to decide which one to go to.

Hmmm, I could walk home almost from the Stoney Creek location. Almost. Depending.

I would think its best to go someplace downtown. when we win fans will end up there, might as well have a front row seat.

maybe Anchor Bar?

walk... stagger... stumble... whats the difference when you support a Grey Cup Champion?

Along with Buffalo Wild Wings (official Ticat sponsor), the Anchor Bar manager mentioned on CHCH news last night that they too would be hosting a Grey Cup party. Nice bar and everything, but the food is pretty expensive (16 wings for $22.99)!!!

StoneWalls on York is also having a GC party

from their website
"Come watch Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats this Sunday for our 3rd Annual Grey Cup “Tail Gate? Party.

We will have food features and beer specials for all our football fans.

We will have Football Pools and prize draws.

KX 94.7 will be on location at Stonewalls broadcasting live from 2 until 7 PM and lots of prize give-aways."

I didn't see any wings on the menu though.. unacceptable!

Im gonna head over to Nuance Bistro(1085 Barton St. E) near Ottawa..

FREE..... All You Can Eat chicken wings at the half!!!

$3 drinks 1 hour before kick-off, all game long and all night after the game!!!

$5 squares

Email received from the Ticats:


This Sunday, the Tiger-Cats and Buffalo Wild Wings are teaming up to throw THREE official viewing parties for Ticats fans.

Starting at 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 24, fans are invited to attend one of three Buffalo Wild Wings locations across TigerTown to watch the big game. Each party will feature giveaways and Ticats prize packs up for grabs throughout the game.


  1. Buffalo Wild Wings Stoney Creek (524 Centennial Pkwy. N., Stoney Creek)

  2. Buffalo Wild Wings Ancaster (1015 Golf Links Rd., Ancaster)

  3. Buffalo Wild Wings Guelph (35 Harvard Rd., Guelph)

Throw on your Ticats jersey, wear your Black and Gold and head down to the Tiger-Cats official party headquarters to cheer on the team in Regina!

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

You had me at free chicken wings!

Normally the crackhead hookers freighten me but free wings>getting stabbed to death. :wink:

Sure they have wings. Really good ones too, I've had them many times.
They're right on the Appetizer/Shares menu, don't know how you missed them.

thanks loser, may I call you loser j/k :wink:

I've never been to stonewalls and was hoping someone would correct me. their online menu doesn't show they serve wings.

hows the tv situation there? many big screens?

Interesting, I was just there on Ottawa last night after work picking up some glass for an end table from Campbell Glass and Mirror, great place, well love Ottawa St. and browsing. Nice people at Campbell Glass, that's for sure.

Seriously, all you can eat wings at the half? That's hard to believe. :o

ha I googled Nuance bistro opened the website clicked on photos for a online tour and wow I want to go there :rockin: but something tells that there's a mistake in the link


I know one of the managers at Nuance and YES it is true... ALL YOU CAN EAT FREEWINGS AT THE HALF!!!!!! And 3 buck bottles all night!!!!!!!!!!! Come on down!!

Lots of big screens (50+ inch) behind the bar and a bunch around the rest of the restaurant.

Not sure what you're looking at but their online menu has "Stonewall's Signature Jumbo Chicken Wings" as the 2nd item in the right-hand column of the Appetizers menu.