Where to watch live games online?

Good Afternoon Folk,

In this day and age their are fewer and fewer fans who have cable; I would be one of those few people. I am curious; last year I was not able to find any way to watch games online live. I know if you lived in the United States TSN offered live games online; but if you were Canadian you did not have access to these games until next day not same day.

I have Netflix; and I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for access to watch CFL games live; specifically the blue bombers games. Does anyone know of a legitimate way to watch the games live as they are playing as if I were watching it on TSN itself? I really don't want to be forced to hit up a pub every game this year like last and feel I'll probably just not watch if it isn't possible to find it online.


What he said, different team no netflix.

Legitimate ways to watch? Not sure those exist in Canada. I do not believe TSN live streams the games, though they might have some games available on replay if I'm not mistaken. The US broadcast online on espn3 is not available to Canadians. Any other source would not be legitimate but they do exist.

If your that big of a fan , just get basic cable and TSN is on it. Cheaper than going to a lounge for every game !

Depends where you live. Rogers doesn't have it as basic cable in the east and some other cable companies in the east also don't.

Still going to be cheaper than 18 evenings at a lounge!

What's cheaper is going to a buddy's place and watching his/her TV. :wink:

TSN will not even be there with a TV poduction crew I do not think so anyway. I imagine someone will be there with TV camera's to Broadcast the game if for nothing else game tape purposes