Where to ticats fans sit generally at Rogers Center?

We're going to the game tn in Toronto, there wasnt enough ppl to put a bus together through cats and claws club, so we're going ourselves on the go bus..but we wanna be around other ticat fans if possible, well be on the side of the ticats bench..but whats section? bronze near the scoreboard or opposite side 127/128? or more in the middle? any help would be great thanks!

Section 134B seems to be popular for some Ticats fans. See ya there!

my advice to you would be ,make the trip to Jack Astors for the the free wings and watch it from the bar.
Skydome isthe worst place to watch football.
If you must go to the game , sit at least in the 200's.
100's are a waste of time. Can't see a thing.

just my opinion.